Nintendo Wii Also offering Netflix Movie Application without Disc


About a week ago, Sony announced that its gaming console PlayStation 3 will be offering its users Movies and TV shows streaming from Netflix without the need of a Netflix DVD in its drive. But without DVD streaming, party of Sony’s PlayStation was short lived as its competitor Nintendo Wii has also found out a similar way and became the second game console that will be offering the option of streaming movies and other multimedia contents from Netflix without to have a special disc in its console.

Nintendo on Monday announced that its console Wii which is sort of a last among the hottest selling gaming consoles to include this Netflix application that won’t require a custom DVD to carry out its magic of streaming movies. This latest updated Netflix application is available on the Nintendo Wii’s Shop channel. The Netflix app for Wii console does not boast the latest technologies like the new Dolby Surround Sound or the high def 1080p video playback features that are very much present in the Sony’s console, PlayStation 3. The Netflix app for the Wii console will allow the users to stream latest videos from their Instant Watch queue, moreover the users can browse and look up for TV shows and streaming movies from a number of categories and genres. Plus, it provides an added option of navigating through the user’s interface by using your very own Wii remote console in a real time sensing environment.

For all the consumers having Wii Netflix app, in order to download and stream the contents, the Netflix subscription is necessary and this subscription has different rates. In the US, the subscription rate is $8.99 and for the Canadian users, the rate is $7.99. Well, according to the gaming experts, Wii is the most limited offering console as far as gaming realm is considered and especially for the Home Video Domain.

The most amazing thing is that users cannot play a normal DVD in the optical drive of Nintendo Wii console and neither does Wii posses an online video store of its own. Moreover, as the Netflix is only SD, so HD videos cannot be play backed and watched on the console. But with this new App released the gaming enthusiasts will not have to search for the Netflix DVD in order to stream movies anymore. The Netflix huge archive of movies having a total of more than 20,000 plus movies can be viewed without much hassle and movies have a “Watch Instantly” sort of interface.

The Netflix app, for the Sony’s PlayStation 3 that also required a special optical disk, has arrived on Monday on the Sony PlayStation Network Store. The application has  very easy to navigate video options and is equipped with a virtual wall on which movie titles can be placed for instant watching by using the stick keys on your Play Station wireless controller. The Audio and Video quality is indeed Razor sharp and interface is very eye catching. Netflix for Xbox 360 live has never required an optical disc and its update is also coming shortly.

Xbox 360 Netflix app also does not support Hi-def display like 1080p video playback but the latest update just like PS3 has also added support for the Dolby Digital Surround Sound. So let’s see what the Netflix app has in the box for all of us.

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