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Stellar Phoenix JPEG Repair is an excellent tool for repairing corrupt image files having JPEG/JPG file extension. This robust software also gives you an option to repair and extract ‘Thumbnail’ of an image file. With the simple and easily understandable user interface of the software, you can perform the recovery of your corrupt or damaged JPEG/JPG image file by your own.


Though the software is excellent for home users but it should include some advance options such as searching of corrupt JPEG image file in the storage media.

The Verdict:

This is one of the most efficient, reliable, and secure utility to repair corrupt or damaged JPEG/JPG image files. Moreover, this excellent tool has user friendly GUI by which, you can easily repair your corrupt image files stored in any digital camera, memory card, hard disk of computer, or any other storage device.

Photos are best way to walk down to the memory lane, but what will you do, if some of your precious photos (or photos having JPEG extension) get corrupt? Repent over the loss and sit down by thinking that it was destined, or find out some way to repair your corrupt photo(s). Well, if later is your answer, then you should not panic as Stellar Phoenix JPEG Repair software can help you. To use this tool, you need not to be an IT expert or tech savvy guy. All you need to know is to basic knowledge of computers. The software is very easy to use and engulfs complete do it yourself user interface.

This efficient JPEG repair software, repairs corrupt image files having JPEG or JPG file extension. The software is of non-destructive nature and thus repairs your photos without modifying their original data. Moreover, this powerful tool even repair photos from the memory cards, which are completely unreadable. You can also extract and repair ‘Thumbnails’ of your image files, if you want. The tool supports recovery of corrupt JPEG image files from hard disk of computer, digital camera, memory card, and other storage media.

To analyze this software, you can download its free demo version. Since, the demo or trial version is only for evaluation, thus it repairs corrupt JPEG/JPG image files with watermark. However, you have to register the software to restore your precious memories without watermark.

Instructions Based User Interface:

The software has complete instructional based user interface, which guides you throughout the process of JPEG repair process. You do not require prior training to understand its working, just follow the steps as described and you will get your repaired photos.

Save Repaired Images At Your Desired Location:

After repairing your corrupt JPEG/JPG image files with this software, you can save them at your desired location.

See the Preview of Recovered Images:

The software also lets you see the preview of your repaired files before saving them.

Extract Thumbnail Option:

Another added advantage of this tool is its ‘Extract Thumbnail’ option. Through, this option, you can extract and repair even the thumbnails of your JPEG/JPG image file. You can save this repaired thumbnail at your desired location.

Help and Support:

This data recovery organization has well versed customer support, which is available 24 hours from Monday to Friday. If you want, you can contact through direct telephone support provided in Asia Pacific, Australia, Europe, the Netherlands, and US. The organization has also provided a World Wide phone number to contact them. Additionally, you can chat and call the customer support through Skype. For various technical and customer queries, you can search the knowledgebase facilitated by this company, however, you can also post your queries online also. We chatted with a customer support executive online for a query related to product, and got the solution immediately. The way of reply and the resolution provided by the customer support was quite satisfactory.

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