New Leaked Video Shows Sweeping Changes Coming To Gmail


Google’s web-based email service may soon be getting a set of sweeping changes if a new video leaked onto YouTube is to be believed. The video was originally shared on YouTube and not marked private, where users quickly grabbed it and re-uploaded it to their own accounts. The video shows Jason Cornwell–a member of the Gmail team–describing the new features in detail.

One of the many improvements displayed is that the Gmail interface will now automatically resize itself according to the window size. This is great news for netbook and tablet users, as the current Gmail interface doesn’t like to play well with lower resolutions. In addition, you can also choose between several different pixel densities to display.

Another great addition is that if you sent multiple emails between the same people, this new version of Gmail will create threads that are designed to look more like chat conversations. Adding a profile avatar is also an option, so sending emails back and forth between other gmail users will feel more personal.

The default search for email messages has been made asier to use as well, as filters for messages can be created right from the search box now. Other improvements include more advanced search features, so you can find exactly what you’re looking for without having to remember specific search operands.

Google has not confirmed the video, but it seems legit as it is in the style of previous videos released announcing new Google changes. Check it out here.


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