Wix Answers – The Best Helpdesk Solution You Can Find


Whether you’re running a small or large business, delivering unsurpassed customer support is essential. This is where Wix Answers help desk software can help! Regarded as one of the most powerful tools in a business arsenal, help desk software provides you with a centralized platform to handle live chat, email queries and some are even integrated with a ticketing system, giving you the ability to stay connected with your customers all the time.

Wix Answers – The Best Helpdesk Solution You Can Find

Choosing the best helpdesk software can be a tricky affair given the plethora of options available. But Wix Answers help desk software takes home the gold for several reasons, starting with its extensive list of help desk and customer support features that work harmoniously with each other to deliver an effective customer support solution for small to midsize businesses (SMBs) and can even serve as an unmatched enterprise help desk software solution. And best of all—it’s absolutely free to use!

Key Features of Wix Answers

  • Knowledge base
  • Help center
  • Call center
  • Multi channel ticketing system
  • Team members setting
  • Customer callback request
  • Custom fields
  • Repost and insights

Why should you choose Wix Answers as your Go-To Helpdesk Solution?

Wix Answers – The Best Helpdesk Solution You Can FindWix Answers offers widget support, giving your customers easy access to articles and tutorials from your knowledge base.

Widgets can be linked with your ticketing system, making it easy for customers to get in touch with a single click. With onsite actionable insights, webmasters can get the lowdown on crucial insights and reports to not only track business progress and improve overall customer performance, but also determine whether this is indeed the best helpdesk solution for their business.

Actionable Insights provide you with critical information about your ticket response times, customer satisfaction ratings, and overview of your team’s performance.

Wix Answers – The Best Helpdesk Solution You Can Find

Wix Answers – The Best Helpdesk Solution You Can FindThe onboard Help Center is a joy to setup, and entails choosing a template from a plethora of preloaded options and customizing it to reflect your brand’s mission. Adding articles to the Knowledge Base is literally a no brainer, where you create the content such as articles, FAQ’s and step by step guides, and simply hit “Publish”. The Answers Knowledge Base is truly in a league of its own with an easy to use interface that allows you customize CSS to add custom scripts.

How to Get Started with Wix Answers Helpdesk

Before getting started with any of the following features, you first need to sign up or login to an existing Wix account.

Wix Answers – The Best Helpdesk Solution You Can Find

Wix Answers – The Best Helpdesk Solution You Can Find

Wix Answers – The Best Helpdesk Solution You Can Find

Voila – you’re now able to access some of the best features of Wix Answers

Multi Channel Ticketing System

Unlike most helpdesk software solutions that offer ticket systems with a single channel, Wix Answers steps it up a few notches with a multi channel ticket interface. This allows customers to get in touch with you via email, phone or social media, and provides you with the ability to answer these queries directly and more effectively without leaving the intuitive software interface.

Wix Answers – The Best Helpdesk Solution You Can Find

With this multichannel ticketing system, you can also attach articles right from your knowledge base right to the tickets, making it fairly easy and quick to get your visitors the information they need, so that they can make informed decisions.

Built in Call-Center

To top things off, there’s even an integrated call center, which allows your customers to call you via a dedicated 1-800 number, and even request callbacks.

Embeddable Widget System

With this feature, users can easily reach your ticketing system, access your knowledge base and even create a ticket with just one click. To setup widgets, simply click on “Settings” from the left hand menu, and then Widgets. You will be greeted with this interface from where you can configure your widgets.

Wix Answers – The Best Helpdesk Solution You Can Find

Actionable Insights

Any business big or small is not going to gain success overnight! But you as a business owner can definitely accelerate this process by analyzing the key metrics of your business such as customer satisfaction scores and keeping track of your team’s performance. To access your insights and reports, head to Analytics from the left menu, and you will arrive at a screen, from where you can see top issues, check ticket statistics and peruse product insights among others.

Wix Answers – The Best Helpdesk Solution You Can Find

Knowledge Base

The Knowledge Base is a component of Wix Answers, and is the hub for important information about your business. When setup correctly and populated with important, business centric content, it can help potential customers to find the answers themselves, make viable decisions, and even to decrease incoming call times and chat requests. Accessing the Knowledge Base is as easy as clicking on the first icon at the top in the left hand menu.

Wix Answers – The Best Helpdesk Solution You Can Find

From here, you can create a new article filter articles and setup categories among others.

Pros of Wix Answers:

  • Ticket management system allows you to manage multiple channels
  • Easy to setup and simple to use with little or no technical assistance
  • Integrated call center allows customers to call you directly via a toll free 1-800 number
  • Easy to get and analyze important insights and reports


Wix Answers comes with premium features like integrated call center and insight capabilities, saving you the time and trouble of juggling around with other pieces of software. If you’re looking for a helpdesk solution that has the potential to increase business performance and magically improve customer satisfaction – Wix Answers is the best solution for you!

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