Max Polyakov’s Noosphere Engineering School Broadens Horizons


What is the Noosphere Engineering School?

The history of the Noosphere Engineering School starts in 2014, when co-founder of Association Noosphere Max Polyakov, in cooperation with a few Ukrainian universities, created the platform for young scientists and science-enthusiasts where they could develop their skills and get additional knowledge about the science fields in which they were interested in. The main advantage of such a partnership was the possibility of easy communication between students and scientists of various specializations, so young enthusiasts could get an excellent opportunity to receive competent advice on the implementation of their ideas.

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For its four-year existence, the NES has been constantly evolving and offering its students the opportunity to receive extremely relevant and applied knowledge for today. So,based on this, the Noosphere Engineering School’s co-founder, Max Polyakov, made the decision to expand the scope of the school’s activities

Image credit: Noosphere Engineering School via Facebook

What will change in the Noosphere Engineering School after it expands its borders?

Thanks to Max Polyakov, NES established special laboratories as facilities for conducting experimental research and scientific and technical experiments. In each of these laboratories, students can apply themselves in specific classes, such as JS-HotCode or Level Design with Unreal Engine 4 and much more.

In 2017, a significant event occurred – the space direction of the school – and the Noosphere Space Engineering School was launched. The realization of this project became possible due to the great interest of young Ukrainian scientists in space exploration. Max Polyakov, who has been a big fan of space technology development for a long time, and already created several well-known companies in this direction, such as EOS, FireFly and Space Systems Engineering could not help giving young scientists the chance to develop their potential. The main hopes lie on several of the most promising areas for work, such as the development of suborbital missiles and small satellites, such as CanSats and CubeSats.

A lot of labs in different universities and cities of Ukraine are now open. For example, you can use labs like the Laboratory of Robotics and Electronics, the Laboratory of Problems of Creating IT-systems, the Laboratory of Effective Nature Management and others in such cities as Dnipro, Kyiv, Rivne, and Cherkasy.

The Space Engineering School also continues its development and it now has several labs to attend. Young scientists can choose between different laboratories like the Laboratory of Optimal Design or the Laboratory of Manufacturing Technology or even the Laboratory of Non-Destructive Testing

Another vector of the Noosphere Engineering School’s activities is a science tournaments organization. In the last year, NES held 5 innovative science tournaments which attracted more than 3000 visitors. Also in this year, Max Polyakov’s NES opened laboratories in 4 new universities and implemented 5 new training programs, in addition to developing 15 advanced projects.

The Noosphere Engineering School can provide students with theoretical knowledge and help them bring real systems or products to life. During its existence, through Max Polyakov‘s NES, a lot of innovative projects were raised, such as ArtOS, the mobile app My Police, and Copter Race Timer that can easily integrate with eNavigator and many other systems.

A lot of projects have already been implemented thanks to the support of Max Polyakov, and many of them have continued their journey as separate companies. Despite this, there is still a greater number of promising ideas that await their realization, which NES can help with.

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