Should You Consider Getting High Speed Internet For Your Blogging Career?


Blogging is an excellent activity for a lot of people. Some people blog due to their passion over a certain niche but some bloggers end up earning from their blog especially if the blog site is successful enough to get a high reputation in the blogosphere or the blogger was able to build a name in the niche.

For bloggers to be successful in their blogging vocation, there are a couple of skills, equipment and facilities that they need to have such as perfect grammar, ability to reach to as many networks and their network’s network, a fast PC or laptop and an accompanying gadget such as a tablet or advanced smartphone.  However, in addition to these blogging necessities, some bloggers ask if they should consider getting a high speed internet connection for their blogging career.

Some bloggers may think that they only need to connect once in a while in pursuing their blogging career or in maintaining their blog. But certainly, there are a couple of important reasons in blogging which will make high speed internet a necessity:

  • Writing content – Whether for publishing in the blogger’s own blog or for guest posting in other blogs, a blogger has to come up with an informative and interesting content that will make his blog worthy of visiting or that will convince another blog owner to accept the article for guest posting in his own blog. For this reason, an article has to be written well in such a way that is well-researched through different reliable websites. With a fast internet connection, bloggers can expedite his research by opening several browsers simultaneously, stream videos related to the content seamlessly, or switch between images in a fast pace.
  • Getting in touch with other blogs for guest posting requests – In order to be considered for guest posting requests, a blogger should be able to respond well and fast to their request recipients. How can a blogger be taken seriously if he is not prompt in responding to the host’s emails or other correspondences? Furthermore, a guest poster should be able to submit the content as soon as possible to the blogger host and keep the latter from waiting, especially if there are deadlines imposed. With a reliable and fast internet connection, a blogger will be guaranteed to receive important communications and reply promptly as well. The blogger will also be able to work on the guest post soon for his early submission to the guest post host.
  • Search engine optimizing the blog or content – While bloggers can hire the expertise of SEO pros, it would be more practical to conduct their own SEO for their blog and articles by learning this skill through free tutorials or better yet, with professional SEO trainings. In addition to this, the right tactics in SEO changes regularly in the same way as search engines changes their algorithms in ranking websites in their search results. One way to be updated is to keep bloggers updated as soon as news comes out by having a constant internet connection. These reasons make high speed internet connection indispensable for the blog’s SEO strategies.
  • Promote the blog and guest post in social media sites – As if the first three items above are not yet enough to get a high speed internet connection, another important reason in getting an internet connection with more than average speed and reliability is to enable the blogger to promote the blog or guest post in social media sites. Doing this with an average internet connection will be stressful and time-consuming which will leave the blogger will little time and strength to do other important blogging tasks.

Final Words

With the reasons listed above, we can conclude that a reliable and fast internet connection is essential to develop the blogger’s blogging career. If combined with loads of creativity, willingness to learn more and hard work, the blogger will be on his way to building a good name for himself and for his blog.

About the author:

Kristine M. is a blogger/writer who contributes articles related to different stuff online such as blogging, online education, booking travels online, etc. She also writes about high speed internet, mobile broadband, business broadband, and broadband providers. Looking for internet providers? You can find them by zip code on this site.

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