Top 5 Ways You Can Make Your Website Appealing To Visitors


On average, most people spend less than a minute on a web page. During this time, they decide whether the information on the site is worth their time or not. Either by merely glancing at and perhaps skimming the page, readers can decide to move on, or they can remain on the page much longer.

It is very important for those in business to ensure that they attract potential customers to their site. There are several tips that can make the site more appealing to readers.

Appealing design
When creating a website, you must ensure that the design is appealing. First impressions are very important and the design can either attract or put off potential customers. You may be doing really good business with high quality products, but if the site is not appealing to customers, they are not likely to read it.

Aesthetics is very important when it comes to sites and it is important to take the extra effort to come up with an attractive design. If you are unsure of what to choose, get professional help so that you can get good quality. A poorly designed site is associated with lack of professionalism and poor service. Find out the latest trends and stay informed on how to create a successful website.

A great design is good, but it is not enough, it has to be backed by relevant content. When creating the design, you need to consider the type of business you are operating. The products or service you are offering should be related to the design. Customers should be able to relate the design to what they are getting.

If the design evokes feelings of a Sci-fi movie scene, people will expect something to do with technology. They will not expect the design to be used on a health food or weight loss site. The font and images you choose will also depend on the content. While in some cases funny images and clip art may be appropriate, some sites call for professional images and well-structured content.

Easy navigation
When potential customers visit your site, they are looking for certain information. It should not be difficult to find what they are looking for. If it is a difficult process to access the information they need, they will simply move on to the next site. Most web users are impatient and you can end up losing many potential customers simply because looking for information seems too much like a job.

Make sure that your site’s navigation is simple, structured and easy to find. The readers want to know what you are offering, right off the bat. They want to know who you are, what you are offering, why you are better that the competition, and other pertinent details like who your major customers are.

Avoid over advertising
Avoid too much advertising especially the use of interstitial pages. These are the pages that pop-ups covering the whole webpage, the minute the page opens. This can be quite irritating as people want to get the information they need first before they are bombarded by ads. If the ad appears even before the reader can view the expected page, it usually leads people to get off the site and try another one.

Unless the reader is someone who already knows what the site has to offer, a new visitor will not appreciate the interruption. The ad can appear after the reader has had time to get familiar with the page. Some websites belonging to authoritative or established businesses can get away with the interstitial pages, but this is not advisable for a new or small business.

Auto registration
As mentioned earlier, many web visitors are impatient and want the information they are looking for when they want it. You should not try to compel visitors to register before they can view the content. Unless you are offering an exclusive service that cannot be obtained elsewhere, trying to make people register to your sight is simply ridiculous.

People do not want to commit to anything unless they are sure and having them sign in is like asking them to commit even before the know what they are committing to. This is even worse than the pop-up ads and readers will simply move on to another site.

When creating a website, you should make sure that you find ways to keep visitors interested in your site and ensure that they return so hopefully you will follow the tips I have shared!

Hi, I am Chad and I am always blogging about SEO and the components in its landscape. To help your website rank well, it is pertinent that you look at a keyword tool to determine your keywords properly before going on to create the necessary content.

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