Fight Allergies With Fingertip Technology


When allergy season rolls around every year, it can feel like the only thing that can help you fight off the allergies is a pill and nasal sprays.

That’s not a bad thing, of course; if you have the right medical equipment at your disposal and you’ve talked to your doctor about these issues, then you’re doing a lot to proactively fight your allergies.

But that doesn’t mean the battle has to end there, especially if you feel like you’re on the losing end of it. Instead, you can take matters into your own hands…or, more accurately, into your own fingertips. How? Through the power of apps, of course.

Allergy Advisor
What better way to start your battle against allergies than with a trusted advisor? In this case, the advisor is Allergy Advisor, a very comprehensive and informative app that helps you keep track of your symptoms, the weather outside, and a range of other variables that will help you better understand the allergy problems you’re going through. In essence, Allergy Advisor does live out its role as “advisor” by being with you ever step of the way, reminding you about what you’ve forgotten, and informing you about things you don’t know the answer to.

Allergy Alert by
Sometimes, it’s not the advisor you most need in your battle against allergies – it’s a good soldier manning the watch. That role can be filled by’s Allergy Alert app, an app that lets you know when to be careful about your allergies based on conditions in your area. This will not only keep you ready and able to fight against your allergies, but can even help in other aspects of your life, such as planning your day around the weather.

If you need to call in the big guns in your battle against allergies, then it may be time to consult with ZocDoc.

Its primary function is to help you find doctors in your area that can help you with allergies (this is, of course, especially useful if you haven’t been consulting any doctors yet), but it also helps you to understand whether or not these doctors will accept your insurance. That’s the kind of information you can’t find in a phone book, and that alone makes ZocDoc one of the premier apps for people struggling with allergies.

RxmindMe Prescription/Medicine Reminder and Pill Tracker
Finally, it would be great help to essentially have a secretary around you who picks up your nasal sprays from the pharmacy and reminds you when you need to take your pills. Yes, you might trust that you can handle this yourself, but if you’ve been anything less then totally consistent with your allergy medication, you may want to consider an app that would do something similar to a secretary.  This app will remind you when to take your pills – like clockwork. After all, you can’t very well wage a war against allergies if you’re not going to be consistent about it, vigilant in your efforts, and willing to accept a little help once in a while – even if that help comes from your smart phone.

Here’s to technology and, hopefully, a few less sniffles throughout this year.

Meg Jones works with a xylitol expert, Xlear. Xylitol is used in many health and home products, including nasal sprays for allergy relief.   See the many ways xylitol benefits health care at their site:

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