The Benefits Of Using Yelp For Your Business


Yelp is a website that is helps promote businesses by offering reviews from previous customers’ experiences. Customer reviews are incredibly important to businesses, as future customers heavily rely on the information of others. Reviews for restaurants are incredibly popular through Yelp, but Yelp also offers reviews through other businesses including: bars, music venues, spas and more!

Customer Service Reviews

Customer service is a major factor when it comes to small businesses these days. Future clients and customers do not want to be treated poorly, and they want businesses that pride in great customer service skills. If you find your business has a poor reputation with customer service, you should give your employees extra training on making sure the customer is satisfied. Even if you have a good product, your customer isn’t likely to come back if they felt disrespected.

Ratings Can Boost Revenue

Getting positive ratings can boost your revenue at your business. With easy access to the internet through your phone or computer, potential customers can easily search nearby businesses and find the ones with the highest ratings. According to Mashable “a study by Michael Luca, a professor at Harvard Business School, found that there was a correlation between a high Yelp ranking and revenues.” The higher your ratings, the more likely people will want to give you business.

They Offer Free Promotional Graphics For Your Ads

Customers that have already done business with you can be reminded that you are a business on Yelp. Putting a graphic on your business card or other business ads can show you are confident in your business’s image. You aren’t pushing for their reviews, but you are also giving them the opportunity to see what other people have to say about your company.

Customer Satisfaction Proof

Yelp commends businesses with high ratings from customers. If your businesses consistently receives positive feedback, Yelp will award your for your business efforts. Yelp provides businesses with stickers that’s business owners can place on their store windows. This gesture does not come easy though and Yelp only hands them out twice a year. Therefore, it’s a huge honor for a business to receive one.

Yelp Prevents False Ratings

Yelp is constantly reviewing feedback from customers. If a customer’s review is bashing the company, rather than reviewing it, Yelp will likely take it down. Therefore, the name of your business is protected from false statements of random angry people using the internet.

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