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Some Popular Web Designing Trends to Dominate Through 2012


Trends come and pass by, sometimes significantly leaving their marks and sometimes in the blink of an eye. As another year-end approaches, it leaves web designers with many lessons to learn and many new trends to expect in the coming year. This article is a compilation of some popular trends that are expected very much to dominate the start of yet another new year, i.e. 2012. So, here it goes.

Some Popular Web Designing Trends to Dominate Through 2012

Responsive Web Design

The increased use of smart phones and tablet devices makes it certain that coming year would be of responsive websites. The focus of majority of web designers and developers would tilt towards fluid layouts instead of fixed width ones, making websites more viewable across multiple sized and shaped screens.

Fixed-Position Navigational Assistance

As stated earlier, Web Designing trends come and go, just as fixed-position navigation, which seemed to have gone backstage through 2010-2011, but is expected to make its presence felt through the coming year. Experts believe that keeping the navigation bar and internal links locked to a certain position while visitors scroll through the site content is going to be more helpful for the users.


This feature also seemed to have napped for past couple of years, but with CSS3 establishing more of itself, creation of these types of fancy box effects becomes more convenient than ever. Additionally, one does not need any images for designing circles. Important portfolios of prominent web designers also seem to host more of these circular designs for past some months, thus confirming the resurgence of this trend.

Big Vector Art

Initially, it was never expected of these goofy oversized mascots to make so much of ground in virtual world. They were no more than an oddity just a few years ago, but now they seem to have created a brand of their own, fascinating users as well designers to go their way. Next year also seems promising for further promotion of Big Vector Art, making sites look more colorful and interactive.

Multi-Column Menus

With so much to offer to users in a bid to capture their attention, things often get messy in conventional handling of navigation unless you push links into sidebars. The user experience, however, tells us another story. Stats reveal that users are more happy and responsive when core links are placed somewhere on top of the page. The coming year gives designers another opportunity to take up this challenge of catering user’s expectations in better ways. Multi-column layouts have a charm and practicality of their own and it would be good to see them mainstream in near future.

Jquery/HTML 5/CSS3

Search engine’s inability to play well with Flash gives ample room to graphics and animation alternatives like the 3 mentioned above. Each of them, having their own set of strengths, seems to help users get pleasurable aesthetics in websites during the next year. So, let’s keep our fingers crossed for that.

Ribbons and Banner Graphics

This trend seemed to flourish well somewhere down 2011 and is expected to gain people’s attention through 2012 as well. Availability of free information on the subject also acted as a plus point for propagation of this trend.


Well, these are just a few of countless web designing trends that are going to dominate the designing world in time to come. Having a better idea about these is definitely going to help designers a lot in doing their job in a more trendy and effective way.

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