3 Hot 3G Gizmos to Buy


3 Hot 3G Gizmos to Buy

The words 3rd generation better known as 3G is a mobile & telecommunication technology and is a new and improved generation than former ones. Thus introducing better standards for cell phones, mobile and telecommunication services and at the same time fulfilling their needs. This also meets the International Mobile Telecommunications (IMT-2000) requirements. The not so long ago released 3Gs usually denoted 3.5 G or 3.75 G and also provided mobile broadband access of several Mega bites to devices like smart phones and other mobile modems such as those in laptops or other forms of computers. Hence the below items, as follows, are one of the hottest devices to hit the shelves after their release. However, their craze is still felt among few of their 3G fans.

iPod 3G, a faster and more proficient version of its former breakthrough mobile. Capturing one of the biggest cell phone OS of the world, accompanied with a high class sound and video quality, not to mention its vivid and sharp photo features the Pod sends verve to its fans across the world. Where as the addition of 3rd party addons the device functionality is further expanded and this expansion helps a lot for business and educational purposes. The Pod offers improved attuned with telephone networks all over the world, and that includes the high speed towers. Also the keyboard and the language support feature for users in majority of the countries in world. The inclusions of GPS which is although for limited purposes and a superb sound quality which can be experienced with any good headphones add uniqueness to the item. Yet the side effects, while all of that is good the overall price is quite expensive and the previous body design was better looking. Also it is less compatible than the previous versions of the same race. Plus other drawbacks but still the product is hot and good for one’s money.

Up next is the Apple iPhone 3G which offers critical and improved features such as support for networks which are 3G and high speed plus third party apps and a few other features like expanded e-mail, etc. The call quality is better than before and has improved a lot and it continues to excite with rhythmic music and good quality video experience. The phone actually lacks in some of the basic features. The battery life was not even and the 3G connections were not continuous either. Along with other faults easily found on the net, e-mail synch also has bugs.

On the other hand the last, but not the least item, Apple’s iPad 3G combines the Netbook, gaming, e-reader device, iPod, and photo frame into an easy handled device. Aside of being affordable for many this super gadget packs in  features like Bluetooth, a Wi-Fi, 10+ hours of battery life and optional 3G wireless, and the most renowned Application Store on the face of earth. However it is quite big in size and thus not easy on the hands. No front or back cameras are installed and after this much time of improvement and tech being used, this won’t be replacing the laptop era soon.

Samsung Galaxy S2

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