Sitting On The Fence? Here's 3 Reasons Why You Should Start A Blog


There are a lot of blogs out there on the World Wide Web. Some of them are good, some bad and some are just weird and disturbing. So with all of the content already out there, why should you start one? Here are three reasons to start your own blog; whether you start for one of them or all of them, there is definitely a significant benefit to getting one going.

Make a Bit of Extra Cash

Money is always a good reason to do something. Right? As far as blogs are concerned, it may be a while before any cash flows your way, but that shouldn’t discourage you. The way to make money through a blog is with advertising. If you become a popular blogger, have a significant following and get enough traffic to your website, advertisers will often contact you to post their banners throughout your blog. Advertising means money in your pocket and followers give you the power to influence specific demographics with your blog, so keep that in mind as you come up with content for each of your posts.

Improve your Skills

Many of us are not as technologically savvy as we could or should be. Having a blog forces you to become familiar with various programs, platforms and editing tools that you may not otherwise be exposed to in your day to day life. This can be invaluable experience for you professionally, and who knows, maybe you will discover that you are really good at something that you didn’t know existed. One of the best side benefits to starting your own blog will probably be improving your writing ability. These days the value of written word is often forgotten, but as you read blogs that you like, develop your own style and edit your own writing. You may discover that you have really improved your written communication skills.

Create a Network

Before you start a blog, you will have to figure out a number of things: what you want the content to be, how you want the blog to be laid out, what style you are going to adopt … For the answers to all of these questions you will most likely turn to other blogs and the bloggers that create interesting, captivating content that makes you eager to return. As you start to log serious internet hours scrolling through pages and pages of posts, you will get to know bloggers and the communities that they belong to. Some you will really grow to like and respect, others you will just stop visiting, and that is how the blog world works. Start following the bloggers that you enjoy, write content that you think will interest their readers, while staying true to who you are, and when it is time to start your blog, you will already have an idea of what your followership will look like. Though you start by just reading blogs, as others will read yours, you often will meet in person, or just have internet relationships that may someday help you or others if you change schools, jobs or cities.

Regardless of why you might be interested in starting a blog, there are plenty of tangible benefits. Improve your skills, make new friends and maybe make some money, whatever the reason to create your own blog is, start building it today.

To learn more about blogging and for some tips and advice to get things going, be sure to visit How to Start your Own Blog.

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