HP Mini 5102 Laptop


HP Mini 5102 Laptop

HP offers a stylish and convenient netbook with genuine windows 7 home edition as operating system already installed for you. The Mini 5102 also comes with an elective touch system, thus making it easier and fun to use. This feature also makes it a lot quicker to navigate through menus and options seen on its 10 inch screen. Weighing roughly more than 2.5 pounds the appearance is found to be striking. It is light small sized and thus easy to be carried in its carrying case. The appearance is glossy and shiny black in some places. The complete structure of 5102 is slim and easy to be used on a desk or a lap.

Other than the touch display the netbook has the 1.66 GHz Intel’s Atom N450 processor along with a good and powerful power supply. Its battery life can provide up to 10 hours of non-stop usage. The price is not very high because of the fact that the RAM is only of 1 GB and is accompanied by a 250 GB Hard-Disk. However the Intel’s Graphic accelerator makes up for this setback and gives a good video quality for movies, etc. and a VGA monitor can also be connected to it. The Bradcom’s graphics enhancer also aids the same task. Yet there is a setback because too much detailed games will no work well on this system and only simple 3d liable games with less graphics details can be played. Despite that, if its only used for writing purposes than it is perfect because its new and classy keyboard provides all the comfort your fingers need. So that means you can type as fast as you wish and it won’t tire your hands much. The board is spill-resist so that takes care of any costly mishaps. Still the fancy and sensitive touch pad manages to make it difficult for the keyboard to navigate through available menus.

The system is also equipped with Wi-Fi technology and Ethernet LAN port via which you can browse the internet and download stuff. 3 USB 2.0 ports can be found in the setup and all this and your privacy is kept secure by HP’s own different security protocols. Mini 5102 gives a good audio quality if connect to descent speakers also, however, there are built in speakers too by which you can even listen audio when no speakers are available. Its internal SATA hard drives have 7,200 rpm and a good life span and if it all runs out of energy you can charge it in no time by using its 40 watt adapter which is inclusive in the basic price.

The low RAM and Disk space may cause some people to think twice before buying this pc for the price it’s available. On the contrary, it’s a good deal because it can be upgraded a little bit more to satisfy the user. Its 250 GB Hard-Disk can be upgraded up to 300 GB whereas its RAM can be increased to 2.0 GB DDR2.

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