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Bacardi’s Togetherness Initiative


Bacardi’s Togetherness InitiativeThe craze for social networking websites have grown exceptionally across the globe as people want to stay connected with their friends and family members. However, are we really satisfied connecting through social media? To find this out Bacardi has come up with their pioneering research where they would like to see if people are happy connecting with their loved ones on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter or they would like to have something more than that. Hence, Bacardi is now coming up with Bacardi Together Index where they will find what people think about being together.

The research paper has 146 different questions that are passed on to 5000 American adults who enjoy being together with their friends and family and love to socialize. Each question will help us in understanding what people across the America think of staying together and happiness. The survey will also take a look at whether social networking sites are really successful or people prefer to stay together in person rather than on social media. It also takes a quick look at how staying together helps people to have a better lifestyle and mindset.

In the results it was found that a majority of the Americans still believe that they would love to stay together with their friends and family members rather than staying in touch on social media. This is really interesting because more than 84% of the people strongly believe that staying together really helps them in their individual life. Some people also claim that staying together with their friends keeps them in a positive mood and they are able to make difference to their careers. Hence, togetherness can impact personal life as well as career as well. On the other hand, the survey also took a deeper look at why people are not able to get in touch with their friends and family and among the top reasons was lack of money where more than 60% people voted for it. Apart from lack of money, geographical distances and lack of time because of professional commitments were also considered as the top reasons why people might not have time to stay connected with their family members.




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