Get To Watch Free Old Movies With MovieVault


movie vault iphoneBy saying it’s free, we mean after you pay $2.99 for the application itself. After the fee, you get to watch old classic movies right in the palm of your hand, for as long as you desire to do so. You have your pick from a classic movie library of more than 1,000 movies. You should have no problems with being kept entertained with this application. You can either enjoy them on 3G or WiFi (we prefer 3G because the picture seems to show so much better). If you are looking for a certain movie title or classic movie actor you would enjoy watching, there is a handy search bar provided on the application for your ease of use. Anything is always better when it’s free, but it’s also a really neat application because it brings back some really good old flicks some people may have forgotten about.

MovieVault Works Perfectly!

It literally is a snap to start streaming movies on MovieVault. Everything about the application proved to be really well made. There were no snags when I went through playback and other features included on the application. We all know that streaming videos can sometimes be very low-grade quality, but from what I’ve seen from MovieVault, the quality looked really good fro such old movies. It was really surprising and kind of cool.  Even though there are already over       1,000 titles to choose from, there are still more being added on a regular basis. It’s just a really kind of neat product all around. It gives you entertainment is a really “classic” way. I appreciate old movies and this is a way for me to get to know them even more.  This application is a very innovative application for something that not a  lot of people will come up with.

The only thing I would change about the app is the fact that it doesn’t have a designated “Favorites” area for movies I want to enjoy in the future.  This way what i can’t watch NOW, I can certainly watch in between work or in the comfort of my own home.

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