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The creation of the internet has been a revolution in the way we conduct ourselves on a daily basis. Many everyday tasks that once took hours, days, even weeks, now take mere minutes. Let’s take a look at 5 tasks that have been made easier by doing them online.

Paying Bills
Whenever you had to pay a bill in the past, you had to write a check, stick it in the mail, and wait for days or weeks for it to be processed. Thanks to the internet, though, those times are long gone. Whether you’re paying for utilities, cable, or a credit card bill, you can do so within seconds online. You can even use the internet to pay for internet access. How cool is that?

There are so many forms of shopping online, it’s impossible to list them all. Nearly every business, even many Mom and Pop stores, have a presence online. You can see the products you want, use online coupons, and send items as gifts for a person’s birthday or a holiday. Not to mention auction sites like eBay and posting sites such as Craigslist that make the shopping possibilities endless.

At this point, you can do almost anything online with your bank. For example, you can check your account balance, make transfers, open new accounts, and set up bill payments. There’s even a phone app at some banks where you can take a picture of a check in order to deposit it into your account. If they ever figure out a way to deposit cash from the comfort of your own home, online banking will be unstoppable.

Staying Connected with Friends
Online chatting and e-mails were incredible when they first started, but those were just the tip of the iceberg. Now we have Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and a whole slew of other “social media” sites that allow us to stay connected with our friends and family like never before. Within minutes, you can tell hundreds or thousands of people how you’re doing, show everyone the photo you took on your cell phone only a few seconds before, and express your opinions about your favorite political candidate. It is nothing short of amazing.

e-File Taxes
No one likes doing taxes. They are a time-consuming, cumbersome ordeal. Sure, you can pay someone to do them for you, but millions of Americans have always filed taxes themselves. Thanks to the ability to e-file taxes, the process is much easier. You simply fill-in-the-blanks using online forms and send them directly to the government with the click of a button. The electronic filing system does the calculations for you, and there are easy-to-follow instructions every step of the way.

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