Samsung Galaxy Note Edge 2: New beast Coming Soon


Two years ago, Samsung met its record the success and since then we have seen few of the experimental launches, which actually brought the revolution in the market. One of them is Galaxy Note Series and now it seems Samsung want to take it to another level by new add-on Samsung Galaxy Note Edge. Note Edge is the sub series of the Galaxy Note which contains first of the gadget called the original Samsung Galaxy Note Edge and now people are expecting to see the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge 2 in the market very soon.

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge

If we talk about the design of existing model, Samsung Galaxy Note Edge that has unusual display with a bent on the right or you can say curved portion on the right of the display to offer new section of the display. And on just from the front, here we will have the speaker for calls, proximity and light sensors, front camera and screen brand on the top edge and capacitive buttons, off screen, at the bottom. The distribution of the pendant, left to right: Multitasking, physical home button detector traces and reverse. And now the new Galaxy Note Edge 2 might have two bents on left and right respectively.

We talked about how the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge device is physically looking but now it’s turn to speak comfort to grab it and experience it gives us. First, say the small right edge having done that if we grab in the right hand then keys are at the left the volume key. At first it is not annoying but when you take some time and you have to extend your thumb to reach other areas of the screen, things change. And yes, it is not considered as flaw but still when it’s about the comfort then Samsung should of course work on it.

The weight and dimensions are not exorbitant in case of Galaxy Note Edge first generation, when you consider its screen size. Construction in the back plastic reduces its weight. Of course this is a terminal that longer use will be with both hands or with a grasping and another using the S-Pen. So it’s fastening with two hands is quite comfortable and use it with the S-Pen, too. And similar would be repeated in the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge 2 with more advanced features.

Overall you would find this Samsung Galaxy Note Edge smartphone with an innovative design because of its curved screen but excepting this, we have hands on a Galaxy Note 4. So, something is missing which should be done correctly in case of next launching Samsung Galaxy Note Edge 2 and if you are aware about the release, then you must know it would appear in the market later this September 2014 but few sources are claiming for the early launch but that information is dilemma.

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