Samsung Galaxy Alpha: Overview and Design


The Samsung Galaxy Alpha was presented at the IFA Berlin 2014, and just after its successful launch we saw the announcement of other models in the series like Samsung Galaxy A3, A5 and A7 followed by the Galaxy Alpha.

The Samsung Galaxy Alpha is now available in all countries and 32 GB version will cost around € 589. At present, this price could sound little high for this range of the smartphone but the good news is that Samsung wants to target the market of previous generation iPhone market as it contains metal and similar design and display as of iPhone 5.

 Samsung Galaxy Alpha

The first thing that you look on the Samsung Galaxy Alpha when it is in your hands is the design and especially the metal edge. It’s really stylish and meets expectations. Additionally, the device feels great in your hands and is light enough. On the other hand, we must say at the outset to put your hand on the edge of aluminum, felt a little edgy. It measures 132.4 x 65.5 x 6.7, and 4.7-inch screen covers much of its front. Thin, compact and comfortable these words explain the structure of the phone. And already now there is Samsung’s leak for the next Galaxy the Samsung Galaxy S6 would be sleeker, compact and lighter and similarly would be repeated by the Samsung Galaxy S7 in the 2016.

Like the Note 4, the edge of the Galaxy Alpha enlarges the area of headphone jack. It also features the same matte finish on the front, but the edge does not have the same pitch as the covers, in our black case. On the right side we have the button on / off and left side volume controls. Both are firm and quite elegant. At the bottom we find a speaker, much better built than the Note 4 to the Galaxy S5, a microphone and a USB port.

The back cover slightly resembles that of S5, although the dimples are smaller. We must say that the touch feels much better than the S5 and breathe better quality finish. Finally, we have to say that it can be used perfectly with one hand, even with small hands. Its thickness of 6.7 mm and weight of 115 grams contribute to better management. And if Samsung manages to get these body stats for the Galaxy S6 then it would definitely be the iPhone killer.

The screen is 4.7 inches, which we personally find as a decent size. Its resolution is 1280 x 720 pixels, generating a density of 312 pixels per inch, perhaps somewhat poor by the standards of the times, and especially if we consider the price of the smartphone. And soon Samsung would definitely add another smartphone in Alpha series which would definitely have the full HD resolution or more, may be it would be called the Samsung Galaxy A9, but at present no rumours exists for such device but it would be revealed in the 2015 only.

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