Find difference between hostel and PG Accommodation


Though many people use hostels and paying guest accommodation as synonyms ignoring the fine line difference between the two. Both hostels and paying guest accommodation provide affordable stay but there exists a variance…

First being in the concept itself…the concept of hostel has much relevance with educational institutes or association where accommodation and food are being available to the tenants at a very subsidized rates whereas in paying guest you are expected to pay rent for the accommodation and the meals though meals are not mandate in paying guest and it be chargeable if opted for


Cost factor

Hostels are more affordable proposition than paying guest. For instance a paying guest accommodation in Thane could cost you more than the hostel accommodation. Moreover the inclusions of food makes it more affordable with respect to paying guest

Accommodation options

Though both of them have the single and sharing accommodation options, but paying guest has more flexibility than hostel. Now a days you can find luxury paying guest accommodation in Thane or any other places across the cities or even other metros with the amenities like AC, parking facilities, access to the kitchen furnished with updated appliances like microwave, refrigerator etc. but such options are yet to hit the hostel accommodation


Meals are not mandate for paying guests rather it is chargeable whereas hostels accommodations generally include meals which are served at a pre – decided time and venue and everyone is expected to be present to avail it


Hostels have a much candid atmosphere since the tenants are putting up there and there could be many rooms available which are occupied by the tenants only with a caretaker or a warden to take care of the disciplinary and the integrity issues, whereas in paying guest accommodation you share the same premise with the landlord or the landlady, hence the ambience depends on your rapport with them as well as their mindset and behavior. You are expected to behave much sober in paying guest accommodation

Access to amenities

Paying guest entitles your access to the amenities since you are staying at the premise of your landlord or landlady. You can use the kitchen, hall, television and other utility durables whereas in hostels primarily the amenities are very limited. Even space available for living is cozier in paying guest

Safety proposition

Since the discipline is high in hostels hence it ensures better safety propositions but, since there are others also accommodating in the same hostels, it doesn’t ensure the security of your belongings, whereas in paying guest it is expected that you will be mature enough to evaluate your risks and behave accordingly, but you have a cupboard where you can keep your stuffs or belongings safely under lock and key

Discipline is a common factor between pg and hostels. There are strict timings at night in both the case. In both the instances partying inside the premise is not allowed and due to the space crunch friends are also not welcomed, though family can visit you with the consent of the landlord or the landlady

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