The Features Of A Modern Security System


Home security systems are smarter than ever. In addition to the traditional door alarms your parents had, new home security and home automation features let you feel more in control and safe – whether you’re inside or out of your home.

Control Your Home Via Control Panel

Many new security systems feature an LCD control panel that talks to your house – and your monitoring station – wirelessly. Your panel can tell you the outside temperature and works as a speakerphone to communicate with your monitoring station via two-way voice in an emergency.

Safeguard Against Intrusion

With a new-age security system, your home is always being monitored – any alerts go right back to your company’s monitoring station. When an alert is triggered – such as one from a door or window being opened while the system is armed – your monitoring station will call the police for you. And not to worry – should you trip your system by accident, you can alert your monitoring station of the false alarm via your control panel before the police show up unnecessarily.

Protect Against Fire

When there is a fire or a carbon monoxide issue, sensors will alert your monitoring station and the fire department will be on its way in no time. With this feature, you’ll not have to worry about coming home to a pile of rubble or kids sick from carbon monoxide poisoning.

Get Alerts

Modern home security systems can be programed to send alerts to your smartphone or other device via your security company’s mobile app. You can customize your system to send you alerts when certain events happen in your home, such as when someone enters the house. You’ll receive an alert if the system is set off – and you can even control your door locks remotely. And no need to worry about freezing pipes while you’re on vacation – your system can alert you of drastic temperature changes in your home while you’re away.

If you opt to have cameras installed in your home, you can also use certain devices to check in on live feeds or get alerts when motion is detected by a camera. This enables you to receive video clips whenever someone comes to the front door and/or enters the house, for instance.

Get Severe Weather Alerts

Many new home security systems can let you know when danger is coming. Receive weather information and flood, tornado, and other warnings for your area via your control panel when it’s integrated with the National Weather Service. You’ll know when a blizzard is coming or when to prepare for some major rainfall.

Today’s security systems really are smarter and safer than you might have thought. Even if you never have a break-in or a fire, you’ll be able to relax a bit more. Today’s security systems help you stay in the know while you’re away and make you feel more in control of your home.

About the Author: Rick Delgado is a freelance writer who specializes in the latest social and technology trends. He is currently acting as a consultant for Vivint. You can follow them on Twitter here.

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