Cost Of A Bad Customer Service


It is downright silly to expect your business to grow with a neglected customer service. That is one and the foremost reasons why unhappy customers not only bring down business, but if adequately irked they may publish tributes of a bad experience all over social media, looping in more potential customers, as your name spirals down to a bottomless pit.

Cost Of A Bad Customer Service

They say hell knows no fury like a woman scorned, you may want to take that saying for your customers. Take all of them as angry, spiteful women who will unleash their fury on your company if they weren’t provided what they expected. Here are some of the basic reasons why of all the areas this domain must not be neglected.

  1. Reducing Business Growth:
  2. It will directly hamper or reduce your business growth and will also cancel all prospects of repurchase activities.

  3. Losing Customers:
  4. The cost being placed to rebuild customers and their trust is bound to cost way higher than to maintain current clientele. Basically losing a customer could be losing them for life, they may never want to utilize your service and cast a bad reputation in their circle as well.

  5. Bad Reputation:
  6. Once a bad reputation is declared through a customer with an influence, the brunt a company may face can be exponential.

  7. Brunt of Social Media:
  8. With people empowered by social media, an angry customer ‘s rant over a public forum can also prove to be highly  detrimental for the company’s name and basically you can kiss your revenue goodbye, unless you take concrete steps to help alleviate the loss and take extra steps to win back customers.

  9. Value Your Customer and Build Your Karma:
  10. Any company must allocate a certain budget to a good customer service, as not only does it prove that the company is genuinely interested with customer’s feedback but it makes them feel extra special and taken care of. Just like Karma you get what you give. If you give respect to your customers, your company will secure a good place within their heart.

  11. Charismatic Service  for the Win:
  12. An active customer service with efficient and charismatic customer service is definitely a win. A service that is equipped with a good sense of humor while winning back customers is bound to be appreciated. When customers are given a slight bit care, they always respond back by letting their friends know about it and your company not only gains a few more customers, but they also tend to market your brand for a day or two.

  13. Customer is always the King:
  14. Having no customer service casts a negative impression for the company as people tend to automatically relate it to a drowning ship. That doesn’t have enough budget to plan out their revenue and its growth or worse doesn’t care about their customers opinion. Either way, such carelessness should be avoided in the first place.

The above pointers are just a mere roundup of how poor or no customer service can affect a company or brand name.

There may however be many worse case scenarios when an irked customer is neglected so much that it takes it personally to go the extra mile by filing a legal suit against a brand. By keeping good moderators and cool headed customer service providers you can save a lot of hassle, money and tears.

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