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Technology Reveiws-Falcon Northwest Mach V

Main specifications of this product which could enable you to decide whether it is suitable for you or not are as follows;

3.33GHz of Intel Core Processor (core i7 – 980x), 12GB of DDR3 memory, storage of 80 GB within the solid state drive and 1 TB of hard drive, optical driver (BD ROM DVD Rewriter combo), ATI Radeon High Definition 5970 graphics of 2GB and Windows 7 Operating system.

Being the fastest desktop available in the market, Falcon Northwest engaged various features and the latest Intel Core (i7980) which has made this desktop one of the currently leading ones. The high speed solid state drive, the paint job feature, high quality graphics and so many more pros of this desktop are going to make the Falcon Northwest Match stay at top notch for some time, even though it has a price of $5559.

While developing this amazing desktop which has the ability to support 6core Intel Hyper Threading tech can operate like a 12 computer generated processor. Along with this it also has the ability to support Intel Turbo Boost and to put this in simpler words the clock speed (3.33GHz) of the processor may vary according to the number of cores that are used at a certain time and to a certain degree. Also what might interest the readers of this review is that in times when only 1 of the processor cores are used, the Turbo Boost has the ability to increase the clock speed up to about 4.1 GHz.

While performing CPU tasks this desktop is expected to be extremely fast and it actually did not disappoint its users. This amazing gadget has outraged its rivals in many tests such as the Windows Media Encoder test. This simply suggest that those who carry out a lot of video editing task, transcoding and spend so much time on Adobe Creative Suit then with this desktop you will be provided with the fastest operating CPU and will enjoy your experience.

Though it is one of the best for so many different tasks, for gaming compared to its rivals, due to the possession of only 1 graphics this gadget could be beaten by some others. What you should note is that though this desktop has so many cores the quality of gaming depends on the graphics.

No matter what cons it may have this desktop is actually one of the best and most powerful ones to go for and by adding some components you can simply adjust it according to your needs and make it even better

There are various pros and cons of this desktop which are as follows:

Pros: Amazingly fast performance, shocking custom painting job.

Cons: Slightly higher price than rivals, Radeon HD5970 graphic card is not capable of competing with multiple cards.

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