Reasons Why Having a Smartphone is Better than Having a Partner


We’ve all been conditioned at some stage throughout our lives to believe in the magic of love. Television shows, songs, novels, plays and films have all been dedicated to the concept of finding that perfect someone who will enrich our lives like nothing else can. Most would be forgiven for believing that tracking down your soul mate would be the most direct route to eternal happiness and bliss.

Shakespeare took it all one step further when he said, “Journey’s end in lovers meeting.” Needless to say, society has pointed out time and time again that finding love is a huge deal. The question that I’ve previously pondered, however, is whether all of these literary geniuses of eras past would have been so love sick – so single-minded about their love – had they owned a smart phone?


Before you write me off as a loon or, worse yet, an anti-love activist, let’s take a look at some reasons why having a smart phone is more advantageous than having a partner.

  • Smart Phones give straight answers – Have you ever had the misfortune of trying to extract information from a guy or girl you were seeing when they were less-than-pleased with you? Navigating a conversation with a partner scorned can be an absolute nightmare. On the other hand, when was the last time you asked Siri something and received a tongue-lashing in return? Think about it…
  • You can turn a Smart Phones’ volume down – Be honest, if you’ve ever had a partner at one stage or another there has been at least one point in time when you wished you have a virtual ‘mute’ button handy. Love might be lovely, but people often (conveniently) forget that with great love, comes great responsibility – drinks with his/her friends, arguments about house work, not-so-subtle engagement/wedding hints and the elongated process of picking out a birthday/anniversary/Christmas gift. Sometimes silence truly is golden and with a smart phone, it’s only one click away.
  • No one will ever be more eager to please than your Smart phone – Do you love flinging virtual birds and a pile of pigs all day? There’s an app for that! Do you want to know the latest football scores even when you’re stuck in a meeting? Not a problem, it’ll find those out for you! Perhaps you’d like to listen to Gangham Style on repeat all day without anyone finding out you actually like that song. Never fear, your smart phone is here!

These are just a few, specific reasons as to why your smart phone might just qualify to be your modern-day soul mate! While it’ll always be nice to experience the warm embrace of a loved one, more and more of us seem to be just as happy settling in with Facebook or even a dating app for now!

All fun and frivolity aside, while it remains undeniable that we’re all inevitably going to remain on the hunt for Mr or Mrs right, us singles can take a solace in the fact that it’s never been more awesome, advantageous – or socially acceptable – to be a single, fun-loving, technology-embracing geek!

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