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You have probably come across blogs where the author seems to be caught between a few different approaches. Some posts might be funny, others might be dry and others might seem to be floundering somewhere in the middle.

This can be a little off putting for readers and it can also break up your flow as a writer if you don’t have a fixed style. This is why it is a good idea to start out with a unique voice which you use in all of your work. This doesn’t have to be your own personality so let’s check out some options.

Speak as Yourself

This is definitely an option. If you have strong opinions on the subject you are going to be writing about then it can also be the best approach. Having said that, we don’t always write in the same way even when we are writing as ourselves. The best idea if you want to keep the consistency in your work is to write when you feel motivated. If you find that ideas come to you in the middle of the night or while eating a bowl of cornflakes in the morning then this is the time to get working, although you should be careful not to spill milk on the keyboard. The problem with this approach is, I think, when you put on an artificial limit which only lets you write about yourself. As you, like me and everyone else in the word, have only done so many things in your life this means that you can only cover so much with the authentic voice of experience.

Create a Personality

Now this can be a fun approach. Let’s say you are writing a blog about self-defence classes. You could create the personality of someone who is a bit weedy and has just moved to the big city, where is frightened of his own shadow. Or of a big gentle giant who couldn’t punch his way out of a wet paper bag but keeps getting into trouble. The ideas are endless and the great thing is that you can tailor the personality of the character to what you want to say. It is also a liberating experience to make up stories and create situations, provided that you do it with honest intentions and without harming or deceiving anyone of course.

Find the New You

I must confess that I prefer to write as me, but as a slightly different version of me. I still think as I do in real life but some of my past experiences and future hopes have been modified for the purpose of online entertainment and information. This means that I feel completely free to write about anything I like as someone who has experienced it, even when I haven’t. Maybe this seems like a bit of a strange concept to some people but I have a sneaky suspicion that other bloggers have probably come to the same conclusion at some point and have been using this technique without paying me any royalties. This method means that when I need to write about something specific I just try to picture myself in the situation and wonder what I would do next. It works for me and maybe it could work for others too.

Putting personality into your blogs isnt so difficult and the results it yealds are amazing. If your having trouble with your blog, turn to an SEO Copywriting team you can trust – AppleCopywriting.

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