Ten Hot Promotional Item Ideas


Ten Hot Promotional Item IdeasPromotional items are a great way to get word out about your business and still offer a useful gift to customers as a token of your appreciation. If used in public, promotional products can also help direct new potential customers to your business. Here are ten ideas for fun promotional items that you can get at a wholesaler like

1. Promotional Bottled Water

Between exercise, work and day-to-day activities, it’s common for people to consume several bottles of water daily. Why not cut out a necessary purchase and get the word out about your product by offering bottled water with your slogan?

2. Insulated Thermoses

An insulated thermos can last a long time and offer years of hot, delicious coffee/tea on demand. This is why they are such an effective promotional item. Longevity + usefulness = advertising gold!

3. Camping Lanterns

Camping lanterns are extremely useful; not just for the wilderness but also during a blackout at home. Illuminate your customer’s lives with the guiding light of your business’s promotional item.

4. Totes/Canvas Bags

For those going green, a canvas bag or tote is an absolute necessity for environmentally friendly shopping. Show your love for Earth and remind your customers of your products each time they engage in some retail therapy.

5. Multi-Piece Tool Set

A promotional item doesn’t get more useful than a set of tools. Offer a deluxe 26-piece set that comes complete with screwdrivers, pliers and more for a reminder of your business that will be an effective promotional tool.

6. Classic T-Shirt

Although it’s been done before, the t-shirt is a popular promotional item for good reason. As far as apparel goes, these casual staples are all-purpose and look great on just about everyone. Emblazon your customers with business slogans and product information while offering them a beneficial combination of comfort, sharp looks and utility.

7. Promotional Digital Frames

Photo frames are great things to give away for promotion, but it’s more common now for people to have digital photos than hard copies. Cater to changing technology and promote your business by offering digital photo frames.

8. Staplers/Staple Removers

For anyone with a home or workplace office, a stapler is an absolute necessity. Allow your customers to get a necessary staple for free by giving them out as promotional pieces. Staple removers are also available.

9. Promotional Shot Glasses

Shot glasses are both a decorative item and useful. Some people collect and display these pieces. Add your business message to their daily routine and display by offering free shot glasses as a promotion.

10. Fans

On a hot day, everyone needs a fan on hand to cool down. Make this opportunity for promotion yours by giving out fans with your business insignia.

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