Review of Cerise Desktop


Review of Cerise Desktop


This is one of the quietest PC which does not have any unnecessary installed software and it has been assembled in a very smart way.


Since the ports are placed on the site they will only be usable if it is placed on the desk, the warranty is quite weak when compared to other computers and is not capable of configuring with the processor Intel Core i7.

The Cerise PC is a greatly performing, smartly designed and one of the most silent computers with a great graphics quality and photo and video editing features.

Key specifications of this desktop are the 2GHz speeded processor (Core 2 Quad), memory of 8GB and storage capacity of 500GB and 1terebyte. The optical DVD and RW drives, Nvidia Ge Force graphics, operating system of Windows Vista Home Premium and many more are what this computer comprises.

Though Cerise is not one of the most common PC brands as some other like Lenovo, but its desktops have been focusing on great details and highly smart systems which have been specifically designed to make computing experience highly solid. One of the few downs of Cerise is the warranty which should have been for 3 years.

The components of this PC actually indicate that those who have designed this computer with off the shelf features knew what they were doing. There are sound dampening pads on all 4 sides and also 2 fans and a larger fan which enable the PC to be kept cool silently. If there were no blue light of power and the fan present than one could hardly notice that the PC was powered on.

The only limitation of the case is the external ports of USB, audio jacks and the Fire Wire which could be quite difficult to access if not placed on the desk.

The internal features of this $1735 PC such as 500GB drive high quality operating system and 1 terabytes of drive for the media files. Twin drives are great for carrying out editing tasks and there so many more features that make this PC suitable for all the expectations and requirements and it could easily be upgraded with the SATA ports on the motherboards to get a better performance.

The cables inside the case are quite well organized however it could be done better because it is easy to notice that it has been done to prevent the cables from affecting the airflow.

All in all this is a well-built PC with greatly performing interior features and it is very smart and provides a high class experience to its users.

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