Overdrive 3G / 4G Mobile Hotspot Has Been Released


Overdrive 3G- 4G Mobile Hotspot Has Been Released

Sprint and Sierra wireless have teamed up to create something especially cool. The original Overdrive 3G/4G Mobile Hotspot has finally been updated and released, and once you get a look at what it can do; you’ll see why it’s such a great improvement. Sierra Wireless and Sprint have done wonderful work with this, as it is the best update so far.

What makes this Overdrive Pro such a great new update is that it allows a simultaneous connection for up to eight devices while the previous version could only handle five different devices? The devices that can be connected are also numerous: and they can include anything from gaming devices and cameras to tablets, notebooks, eReaders, phones, Smartphones and other Wi-Fi devices many people use every day. A GPS support and service based on the location will become available on all of the connected devices as well.

The LCD screen has been improved by 45 percent of the original size. Switching it on and off has also been improved as well: it takes 35 percent less time than it used to, cutting down that time you wasted waiting for it to load so you can get to work. Furthermore, what was a former problem has now been solved: any user can connect to the carrier’s 4G network rather than the limited number it had been before, thus it allows to be able to download with a speed that is 10 times faster than what you would usually find on a 3G network. Not only is the connectivity improved, but you can also share files between the connected devices, since there is a special micro SD slot for this that lets you pass files between anyone connected to the hotspot. Soon, there will be external antenna ports available as well, so be sure to keep a keen eye out!

The 150 feet gamma range makes this hotspot perfect for offices with teams working at various distances. It is also a great addition to a home with various computers, and since this black 802.11n router is very small, it is perfect even for small houses as well. Say goodbye to the one computer in the house with internet access—now all of your children can have it! And the price is affordable – only $49.99 with a two year service agreement for $50.

With the Overdrive Pro you will never have to look for mobile hotspots again, because you can easily have one yourself!

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