T-Mobile G2 Review


The T-Mobile G2 in one of the best Android smartphones carried by transporters, buyers, exporters and other haulers. The good and prominent features of this phone are its QWERTY keyboard, its excellent speed and other additional and plentiful features.


The design of the T-Mobile G2 is not an exceptional one but it is certainly better than that of its previous model G1. The G2 has a height of 4.68 inches, a width of 2.37 inches, thickness of 0.55 inches and weight of 6.5 ounces. Although, it is not very light in weight but it is still one phone that can easily slip into your pockets. The phone appears to be a neat phone with parts of stainless steel and a soft finishing, this phone manages to give a professional feel.

The T-Mobile G2 has a WVGA Super TFT capacitive touch screen of 3.7 inches which is quiet bright and enables a great display of videos, images and text. It also consists of a proximity sensor for its display, a pinch-to-zoom supporter and an integral accelerometer and all these had shown good results when tested.

In the G2, you will find all the Android, Swype and the QWERTY four row keyboard with elevated keys that are placed on a good distance to avoid any wrong pressing of buttons. The slider pivot of the G2 is one aspect of the phone that is a bothering factor as the sliding instrument is smooth and secure but it is reported to not remain in places. The screen of the G2 drops down when it is held upside down but you will surely not be holding it upside down and thus it does not turn out to be a pact breaker.

The standard Android shortcuts; Home, Menu, Back and Search are placed below the display. The left side of the phone consists of a volume rocker and a Micro USB port while a camera capture key on the right side of the back. Other than that, the power button, a 3.55mm headphone jack, a camera and flash, are situated on the back of the phone. The mobile has a USB cable, a stereo headset wire, an 8GB microSD and an AC adapter with it all in a package.


The T-Mobile G2 is the first HSPA combined smart phone mobile from the T-Mobile, this mobile supports Adobe Flash Player 10.1 which allows a very quick downloading of videos from YouTube and application downloading from Pandora. One thing that comes as a disappointment is that the Wi-Fi hotspot capabilities are disabled on this phone. The phone is full of staple Google services and others like Gmail, Google Talk, Maps and YouTube, Google listen, Google translate, Google Earth and Google finance etc. These applications make up 4 GB of the phones internal memory and unfortunately for those who don’t need any of these applications, they cannot be removed.

The T-Mobile G2 consists of voice dialing, SMS, MMS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS, 3G and a media player. The memory of the phone is 8 GB but it is capable of accepting upto 32 GB memory cards. The G2 has an 800 MHz processor, Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM7230 processor, a 1,300m Ah lithium ion battery which gives a talk time of 6.5 hours. The T-Mobile G2 phone has shown good performance with much more space for improvisation!

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