Samsung PNC8000 Review


Plus Points: Superb black- level display, precise color scheme presentation overall, expertly and efficiently tackles 1080p/24 sources, even in a bright room where most plasma fail to deliver a crisp image PNC8000 offers excellent results, a wide assortment of picture controls accompanied with tweak facilities allows users to adjust the picture according to their individual taste, the physical layout of the PNC8000 is meticulously designed with inch deep user friendly panel, it has also got top notch streaming and widget content available for it, thanks to a well assimilated applications platform and last but not least admirable 3D picture quality.

Shortcomings: Energy consumption is higher compared to other LCD models, share abundance and repetition of apps and widgets one encounters can be baffling, black level display works fine till 1080p/ 24 mode is activated, PNC8000 comes devoid of 3D glasses which have become customary and staple inclusion which means extra expenditure for the purchaser, remote control unit is nightmare and very generic.

The Verdict: Samsung’s PNC 8000 packs quite a wallop and meets all expectations one would have with optimum quality plasma television set. The price tag also is affordable when compared to models of competitors having same functionality.


It wouldn’t be unjustified to compare Panasonic’s TC-PVT25 to its hallmark 3D-compatible plasma HDTV for 2010. And fortunately it has lived up to the expectations that were associated with it.

PNC8000 is by far the greatest plasma television this scribe has come across and performs optimally in all respects. It would be a safe bet to assume that PNC8000 would be a front runner for the best gadget award for the year 2010 and won’t be outclassed by any television set which is in circulation or is about to go in circulation this year. But when compared side by side it unfortunately cannot outshine Panasonic’s black inkiness and hence remains a notch behind it. But as a consolation to Samsung people, it did outperform VT25 by some margin more or less in other equally important areas such as overall color display, ability to display image in a bright room and top video processing.

Even with that said it still won’t be able to come to par with Panasonic innovative VT25. The thing that will most certainly grab purchaser’s attention is its economical price tag, very innovative and sleek design but with that said it still lacks the inclusion of a 3D glass which is a norm now with all 3D rendering televisions.

Panasonic’s front runner VT25 might have the upper hand seemingly and functionally but PN8000 might still be able to carve out a reputation and a devotee following for itself yet so don’t count it out!

Although this scribe has individually carried out a detailed evaluation of the 50-inch PN50C8000 and given it marks according to its functionality and overall design but this review shouldn’t be specifically attributed to it and is applicable to its two other large screen size television of the same series. As per the specifications provided by the manufacturer, all the sets have almost similar configurations and should give optimal performance and picture quality making up for a pleasure filled viewing.

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