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A Review of the SCVNGR


Individuals who enjoy their experience with Foursquare will in all probability also enjoy using Scvngr. The app is a social networking app developed by Scvngr Inc. and the only basic drawback is the paucity of users on the platform. This is a challenge which the developers’ of the app would do well to correct as it not only limits the present users of the app but is also major obstacle inimical to the growth of the social network.

The app has a “check in” challenge feature that requires users to it for checking in at businesses and other local landmarks. Users who do this have the chance to be awarded badges for their efforts. There are also some other scavenger type challenges but these ones are usually location specific.

Scvngr is very similar to Foursquare in approach, as its users are encouraged to duly explore the cities they find themselves in. Users are to check in at some local landmarks and broadcast the places where they are through Facebook and Twitter. Users who make repeated trips to certain cafes, restaurants, bars and other retail outlets are rewarded with badges within the app. There are also some electronic coupons offered via the iPhone for some business outlets listed within the app.

Scvngr however adds an element of gaming to some specific locations. Users who visit the Tenstone Inn in Philadelphia are for instance challenged to take pictures of the meals they eat at the inn and upload such images to be shared with other users on the Scvngr network.

There is also a deep integration with other social networks such as Facebook and Twitter within the app. While Foursquare is well known for given users a medium where they can make constant updates to Twitter, Scvngr allows users to connect to Twitter even more easily and posts can also be made directly to Facebook to tell people about their present location. The app can also be used for monitoring places where friends have checked into using Facebook Place. Users earn points from their activities on these social networks and can also themselves award points to other users on the platform with creative responses to challenges within the app.

Foursquare’s edge over Scvngr is as a result of its early start in the niche, as some of features of the latter app would have given it the edge if launched at the same period that Foursquare was launched. Presently, the Foursquare app has more users and the number of users who have done a check in at a local business could be as high as a hundred while the result for the same business using Scvngr could be a figure as low as just one check in. The presence of a high number of users on the Foursquare platform helps to increase the thrill of competing for such titles as Mayor within the app very keen, for Scvngr the thrill is missing as competition is often non-existent.

User experience could improve on the Scvngr but this can only happen if the developers of the app make concerted efforts to get more people to use their app.

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