Vaio Z-Series from Sony


Vaio Z-Series from Sony

Small Review:

I was amazed at the capabilities that the Sony Vaio has shown and it has yet to disappoint me. 

Add On’s:

  • A core i5 processor from Intel
  • A display which is thirteen inches across
  • With battery included, the weight is equal to about three pounds
  • A Chiclet-styled board
  • Retailed at about $1900 USD and $2300 with the addition in this review

The Upside:

  • Not heavy at all, very thin and airy
  • Battery will stay good for a long time
  • Has an optical drive that is included

The Downside:

  • A lid that is easily marred
  • The board isn’t suitable for those of use with big hands and fingers
  • For DVD usage, the device doesn’t offer much battery sustenance

One of the things that I loathe is being asked to review the same sorry laptops day- in and day-out. This one proved to be one of the devices that was worthy of a proper and exclamatory review. It’s not disappointing at all and even offered me a week’s worth of entertainment and good quality for my work.

What I Liked:

I could start up a million and one difficult applications and it gave me more speed than I could have ever asked for from Sony. It didn’t, for a moment, give me any lag or any kind of waiting time.

As far as the Vaio’s internal hardware goes, it gave me a Godspeed of quick service from the processor and also offered great warning indicators for things that are about to go kaput in the near future (like the battery for instance).

This specific Vaio model went through the roof as far as scoring against the competition. It’s also far surpassed its predecessor in excess of about 2,000 points. Most people would be happy with a laptop that hit a score of 3,500, so that just lets you know that this is a great laptop to consider when out shopping for a serious piece of machinery.

Even though the keyboard seems to have been made for small fingers, I was really happy with the grippy texture and the great areas in which it was a comfort to type with. As you know, this model has incorporated a touch pad and it works surprisingly well on the laptop as well. You also have a nice webcam to play with and a great security feature that uses fingerprinting for access to the computer.

U used this laptop non-stop and figured and some point it would get tired, konk out on me, or just flat out shut down. No such thing happened. The Vaio didn’t even break a sweat for me.

What I Didn’t Like:

The Vaio is one of those computers that come with a lot, but if you’re going to want to customize it, you’re going to be looking at quite a bit of money to upgrade. It was an additional $500 USD from the base price for my particular versions upgrades alone.

The battery may not have much of a long-lasting life as we had hoped for and may only give you about five and a half hours of actual life.

The Vaio will also meet you somewhere in the middle of the road as far as available ports. You only have your choice of three which isn’t a lot, but isn’t a little. It’s kind if right smack dab in the middle of what’s about right for a laptop as far as inputs go.

You’re going to ultimately get what you pay for. I believe that the people who really know the value of a laptop like this Vaio will drop the money for it. Those are the consumers that should be targeted for this type of high-quality product.

What I Conclude:

In the past, it seems like many devices that Sony have thrown my way have only ended up letting me down. I am proud to say that I have been converted and heavily rely on the Vaio for everyday tasks. This is definitely a really great investment if you have the money to drop into it.

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