5 Most Weird iPhone Accessories


It’s hard to believe the impact that Apple has had on our work and personal lives in the last 10 years. Once it was just desktop and laptop computers but now we have the iPad, Mini iPad, a variety of iPods, iTunes and iPhones to keep up with and with all of these great pieces of technology comes an abundance of accessories. We have put together a list of the five most weird iPhone accessories on the market.

5 Most Weird iPhone Accessories

1. Yellow Jacket

Do you take your safety seriously? Well for a mere $140 you can own your own 650k volt stun gun which attaches to your iPhone as a case. In less than two seconds you can deactivate both of the safety mechanisms and have the stun gun acting against your assailant. This action is much faster than a regular stun gun. And if that’s not enough, it also increases your battery life for up to 20 hours extra.

2. iPhone Hat

This is a strange looking accessory and not one that I could imagine many people wearing. Picture this, the cap brim is approximately 3 times longer than a normal one, and the iPhone is placed in a cloth pocket that hangs down in front of your eyes at the end of the brim. In addition to this, there are flaps either side of the brim to keep any glare off the touchscreen and a built in magnifying glass…doesn’t it sound awesome? I thought so!!

3. iPhone Balls

Yep, you guessed it…a pair of tiny testicles hanging right where your mouth opens and closes when you are talking. My first thoughts were WT? And Why? But I guess each to their own, oh and the guys who make these are giving 10% to testicular cancer research, so there probably is a good reason to go nuts and buy one of these cases.

4. iPhone Gun Case

With all of the controversy surrounding gun laws, you would be a little crazy to be using one of these. This case is shaped like a revolver with the iPhone sitting at the firing end, so when you pull it out of your handbag or pocket, it really does look like you are holding a gun. My advice, don’t go waving it around any policemen or you may find your little prank back fires.

5. iCarta iPhone Toilet Paper Holder

Probably more for the man in your life, you know the one that likes to reign on the throne for an unspeakable length of time? Fit out your loo with this toilet roll holder which includes an iPhone dock, an AC adaptor and has four stereo speakers…just imagine the acoustics!

It feels like it was only a short time ago when the only accessory you could buy for your phone was a standard iPhone case but now we have been flooded with literally millions of strange and unthinkable accessories that are hard to fathom.

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