Windows Phone 7: Top 5 Apps for Download


After much hype and anticipation, Microsoft finally released Windows Phone 7.  The latest mobile operating system has hit the market bringing in, its series of exciting and enjoyable applications. Microsoft is frantically trying to make its mark in the Smartphone industry, trying to again compete with Apple’s iPhone and Windows Phone 7 is the first mobile computing device brought about by Microsoft in this regard.

Apps for Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 are being generated at a high level, with the sole aim of reaching the main market, which currently dominated by Apple’s iPhone apps. Not to mention, apps of Android and Blackberry also have taken the leading positions. Microsoft surely needs to make its way up, keeping in mind the fierce competition that it is facing. Moving on from this topic of competition, we bring you Windows Phone 7’s top 5 apps for download.

So among the first batch of the Windows Phone 7 Apps, following apps are making waves in the Windows Marketplace:

1. Bejeweled LIVE

The highly popular puzzler that is present on the platforms like Apple’s iOS and Android has arrived on the Windows Phone 7. Users can swap, move and match numerous puzzles and gems for a dazzling fun. Users can show off their bejeweled powers by gaining up on the levels by earning special Xbox Live process, and they can climb up on the Xbox Live Leader boards. The price tag of the application is $5.

2. Weather Pro

This is an amazing Mobile Application from Europe’s premium weather experts .The application features a forecast update for 7-days a week and gives weather updates for nearly 2,000,000 locations world over. This is an amazing app for a Smartphone and is very much an essential for the Windows Phone 7 owners. The price tag is $4.49.

3. Twitter

The famous micro-blogging website has also made a way to the Windows Marketplace letting the users Tweet on their Windows Phone 7 powered Smartphones. This app enables users to upload and share photos and do anything you can expect to do on the PC version of the website.

4. E-Bay

The mobile online auction site now also has a Windows Phone 7 variant launched on the platform. The app has the features like bid, search, and the activity monitoring function. Users can also keep an eye on their auctioned items even if they don’t have their PCs within specified range.

5. Train Times

The Train Times is yet another amazing app for the Windows Phone 7 users as it allows users to keep a detailed check on train timings and journey details. The app also shows the nearest station to the user’s location and also remembers the most current station accessed by the user.

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