5 Ways Technology Has Improved Healthcare


We see technology everywhere these days. It’s no longer its own industry. Instead, it is breaking into other fields. Healthcare is one example of an industry that’s seen improvements from technological advances. Let’s take a look at six ways tech has helped to advance our healthcare.

5 Ways Technology Has Improved Healthcare

Remote Consultations

Just a few years ago, access to doctors was heavily dependent on geography. With the advent of high-speed Internet access and smartphones equipped with front cameras, this has slowly become a relic of the past. Services now allow video chat with doctors so that an inability to get to a doctor doesn’t mean an inability to see a doctor.

3D Printing and Printed Circuit Boards

3D printing is having an impact on a number of industries, one of which is healthcare. We’re seeing 3D-printed prosthetics on the market, and organs might be less than a decade away. Similarly, printed circuit boards from Streamline Circuits have reduced the time it takes to bring new technologies to the market. In fact, the improved speed of printed circuit boards for electronic circuitry is one of the reasons the field has seen such a boom. Between these two developments, the time to bring new medical devices to market has been drastically reduced.

Networking for Doctors

In the last few years technology has connected everyone, and doctors aren’t exempt from that. Social networks now exist solely for doctors, and sites such as LinkedIn make it easier than ever to view one’s credentials. If a doctor needs to locate a specialist, it’s no longer driven by who he knows personally.

Big Data for Trends

Technology has also improved healthcare with the rise of what’s known as big data – databases with hundreds of thousands of records and detailed information. This lets researchers spot trends among the population, helping to isolate areas where there may be growing health concerns.

Better Health Tracking

Smartphone apps and other services to emerge in the last few years have made it far easier for people to track their own health. There are countless apps for tracking activity, calories eaten and even sleep. Without a doubt, technology has made it easier for people to manage their own health.

There’s no question that technology has had a major impact on the world of healthcare. Perhaps most exciting is the fact that, in addition to these six, there are still loads to come in the future.

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