What Size Gun Safe Do You Need?


So, you’ve decided to purchase a gun safe. You’ve looked into locks, styles, and features. But have you thought about what size to purchase? They key things to look at are

  • Interior storage space
  • Future needs
  • External dimensions
  • Installation

What will be in the Safe

The first step to deciding what size of gun safe to purchase is to identify what will be stored in the safe. Do you plan to keep important documents, jewelry, or other valuables as well as guns in the safe? Take measurements of all items you will be storing to figure out how much space you will need inside the safe.

Unique or antique guns may need special care during storage. Be sure to include cases or other protective items in your measurements. Make sure you have accounted for nonstandard sized weapons that may not fit into conventional gun racks so that you can find an interior that fits your needs.

Keeping your measurements on a mobile device or written down so that you can refer to them will make your decision easier. It will help you to compare interior shelving and other features to ensure that you purchase the best Cannon gun safe for your needs.

Looking to the Future

You already know that a gun safe is an important investment into your safety and security. Ensure that your investment will continue to meet your needs years from now by determining what secure storage you may need in the years to come by looking at your purchasing history.

If you have not bought a new gun in two or three years and do not have plans to buy new weapons you will not need much extra space. If you have purchased new guns take a look at how often. Have you purchased one new gun in the last five years or six? Use this to figure how much space you want available for new purchases.

External Safe Dimensions

Once you know how much space you need inside the gun safe you need to look at the outside. What external measurements do you need? It’s time to look at where the safe will be kept.

If the safe will be kept in a room that has heavy use, look at the traffic patterns of the room. Will furniture need to be arranged around the safe? If so choose a model with dimensions that you can work with. A tall, more slender model could be easer to decorate around, or a safe that is wider with less depth would leave more floor space in the middle of the room.

Placing your gun safe in a storage area such as a little used room or a garage still needs planning. Make sure there is space for doors to open. If you are placing the safe in a garage it is also a good idea to place it where it will not be immediately visible when the garage is open for increased security.


Now that you know how much storage space you need and what dimensions work well in the room that will house your new safe it’s time for the final step in selection. Check for narrow doorways, especially in older homes that were built before measurements became generalizes. Look at halls with tight turns that would make bringing a large item difficult to maneuver.

If you are planning to keep your gun safe in a basement or upper floor you also need to know how you will lift it. Smaller office sized safes weigh over a hundred pounds and the largest gun safes weigh over a thousand pounds. Be certain that you can safely move the safe up or down the stairs or reconsider where to house the gun safe.


Now that you’ve carefully examined internal space needs, future storage, external dimensions, and installation it’s time for the best part, purchasing your new gun safe.

By Heidi Grover


Heidi Grover is a professional writer, writing on behalf of various companies to help people learn what to look for when purchasing a gun safe.  She specializes in informative articles and creative web content.  She also writes speculative  and children’s fiction.

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