Satnav Device: Navigon 40 Review


Satnav devices these days are becoming increasingly difficult to be operated by a regular user.   Moreover, the Satnav devices markets are experiencing fierce competition from their Smartphone’s rivals as these phones come equipped with the latest navigation apps. So one of the most popular navigation device manufacturing companies, Navigon has become the latest manufacturer to enhance this navigation experience and bring enhanced navigational aids to user’s terminals.

The latest variant Navigon 40 Premium is very pocket friendly and thinner than its predecessors.  It also gives a very high visual feel, making it an elegant and sturdy device. The build quality is also very robust and is pretty amazing to use which is the trademark of Navigon.

Satnav’s user interface is designed exceptionally well with a multitude of options that a user would expect to find on any kind of a normal mid-price range Satnav. The various options help users to navigate through a route using GPS Co-ordinates. The routes can be planned comprehensively and users can even save favorites on specified folder destinations

A single tap menu system is embedded and incorporated within the driver’s driving view screen that is somewhat automatically hidden until or unless the user taps on the screen of the driving view.

Once the screen is tapped anywhere on the UI, the menu pops up showing the detail set of options that includes the likes of nearest POI, map display options and the volume Tab. Quite an impressive navigation tool.

Advance Motorway Lane Guidance

The advanced motorway guidance option is integrated with the latest active guidance system that pop-ups whenever the user comes to a junction sort of a place. The guidance to the correct lane is illustrated through an animated image. The speed of the initial calculation of routes is done through MyRoutes Technology for showing the user a particular choice of three different paths.

Bluetooth Option

The latest added feature is the inclusion of a Bluetooth 2.0 Hands free option with the added support for almost two Mobile Phones; this feature is ideal for the business users who want to have a different contact history for their business and home contacts.

On the onset, this Navigon 40 Premium looks a good device for all tech travelers, but its adversary TomTom is also a big name in the market and it surely will be a fierce battle between the two leading companies.

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