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Apple Inc is well known for their hardware products which include the Macintosh chain of PCs, the iPod, the iPhone and also the iPad. Whereas Apple softwares include the Mac OS X which is an operating system, the iTunes media browser and many other famous products easily found on the net. Apple in some sense introduced the concept of an iPhone and thus begun the era of ‘i’. Some of the brilliant products that Apple has to offer are mentioned below.

Apple iMac Thunderbolt

Apple iMac Thunderbolt

Let us start off with Apple iMac Thunderbolt Desktop PC. That looks just like last i3 core model. With wireless mouse, keyboard and same screen size but is quite rapid. In fact thunderbolt is equipped with 10Gbps which is faster if it is compared with USB 2.0, 3.0 and related devices. Connecting with other devices will not cause hindrance in its performance that is why it is named thunderbolt. Not solely it is speedy, the pc is the fastest pc when running windows 7. When tests like hand brake, windows and Photoshop were performed iMac hammered all! Expect ET2400IGTS-800S model of Asus because the pc had the same processor.

Now coming to Apple iPhone 3GS it is found that it is armed with good battery that will satisfy its customer but not high power demanding freaks. For people who love videos and picture there is 3.0 mega pixel lens. This is not much to offer but still it is good. Also new video editing app lets the user to play and edit. This might even improve the video quality if it is uploaded on net. 3Gfocuses document editing application on this smart phone. Now the user will be able to paste, cut and copy stuff easily. But that do not give you a license of plagiarism. Apple has included stereo Bluetooth this time now this will look like a real smart phone. The cell also has an app that allows its user to delete his or her file if the smart is lost or is stolen.

Finally is The Apple iPhone 4 before which we did not see any other phone create such an effect in the market as it did.  Video calling ability, good display and many applications made the set quite famous and it really rocked the charts. If we talk about display the smart phone has best and sharpest. Featuring 960 by 640 P. previous apples smart phone cannot be compared with it. The phone comes with so much resolution that the user is unable to see the pixels. Display was made at 78 µm wide. Because pixels were small so company packed more in 3.5 inch. As a result the image is crisper and we do not observe any edges.

In short it would be fair to say that all of these products are quite powerful and also highly recommended by many but at the same time they may also be quite expensive for some but if one can afford them then he will not be in loss.

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