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Well every one knows what are smart phones and what are they capable off. But for starters they are cell phones which are armed with awesome OS most of the Smartphone has android as their OS. Good QWERTY pad, decent camera plus they are blessed with touch screen. Many can do multitasking very well and for viewing movies or videos these machine are equipped with high definition display and true color. All this helps the user to experience great quality videos that these gadgets have to offer.

Now to start this we have black berry smart phone. Black berry continue to impress its user by developing good technology.  Extreme security is also a case if blackberry is taken into account.  It would not be wrong if we say that the new cell is a global phone. The set has built in SIM card that is capable of operating on verizon wireless. Also if the user is traveling the set automatically shifts to GSM and accepting voice plus 3G data. The favorite thing is introducing WI-FI into the set. That is pretty useful if you are not finding internet. Altogether the performance is increased by 5.0 OS. Having 256MB ram plus 2GB did not slow the set thanks to its 5.0 OS. Main thing that determines a set like this is touch ability. It is perfect; having resolution of 480 by 360 P images taken are excellent and sharp. More over the camera is 3.2 Megapixel and LED flash is there also. There is also GPS receiver and Bluetooth.

Smart Phone Product Buzz

Up next is the Samsungs smart phone Galaxy S. . Although it is quite decent but there are no special features that can boast this set from others. The cell has 4 inch touch screen and this makes the set very susceptible towards video chatting, surfing the net. The cell has a large screen thus making it quite responsive plus it is easy to tackle. Unfortunately user might experience a lag time between the touching virtual pad and starting of desired application. The cell has a lot of space. Which means the user can put and stuff all sorts of pictures, videos and songs as they like. The set is armed with 32GB of space and that is a hell of memory indeed. It will keep normal user happy for a long time. With all this fancy stuff smart has OS 2.2 which gives the ultimate android experience. This enables the user to set different home screens on the cell.

In the last we have again Samsungs gravity smart.   As an actual android phone the cell is capable of handling many applications. In fact it runs more than 200,000 apps successfully with out any hindrance. The dimensions of smart phones are 4.5 x 2.3 x 0.6 inches it has a weight of 136.08 grams. The phone comes in different colors like maroon, blue and grey etc. The touch screen is very easy to use and the screen has 320 x 480 resolutions. Besides all its fancy applications and accessories gravity doesn’t give expected voice qualities. Faint tones were reported during call and some of the calls were also dropped. Overall the mob is best because it is affordable and technology at its best.

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