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Nowadays, these open source forums have become really popular when it comes to debates and exposure. But every single forum is not effective and has not gained recognition among the best ones. So, I’m going to describe the most popular and best ones that are used by high number of people. I will not explain by their positions and popularity but I’ll explain all those which have taken over internet world. The first one is ‘phpBB forums’. This software is considered famous among people and it was released under the assistance of General-Public license.

The next one is ‘bbPress forums’. This was created by WordPress creators and it is one of the fastest bulletin board software. bbPress forums is user-friendly bulletin board  and is highly known for its speed. ‘Vanilla forums’ is yet another one of the famous open source forum software. Vanilla, the most fun and customizable software is also easy to use and is known for the high number of plug-in it offers. It is preferred by most of the Fans, businesses and brands. Another open source forum is the ‘Simple Machine Forums’. SMF too is open source forum software of professional level. SMF’s control is easier than any other software and can create your forum in few minutes.

‘MiniBB forums’ has also got enough recognition in online world to get forum creators easily. Now, people choose a company or brand if its customers are high and this open source forum software is reliable to choose. ‘Mini BB forums’ is meeting the purpose of spreading opinions and answering questions between visitors and website owners. Next comes ‘Yet another forum’ which too is really popular among people who run several types of forums. They need a platform actually and this need of them is fulfilled by such type of open source forum systems.

YaBB is a Perl written forum system that is really very quick and is known to be the first system introduced ever. This one too is recognized by its high speed. IceBB also lies in the category of fastest and highly used open source forum system.  It is powered by MySQL and PHP and outpout of its code is clean. The features of IceBB are enough to start a famous forum including the feature of RSS feed. The last popular open source forum system in the list of best ones is Deluxe BB. Deluxe BB is known for its security service as people are always looking for someone who can provide safe forums and best platform to communicate, discuss, share and debate.

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