Why It Is Important To Keep Your Printer Or Plotter Free From Dust


The investment in a printer or plotter can be costly for a business, therefore, it is important to ensure that printers are protected and properly maintained in order for them to work optimally and prevent the need for repairs or replacements. Making sure that you take good care of your printer will help to increase its life and, consequently, allow the continuation of quality print jobs. There are several ways in which to maintain the machine’s lifespan, but probably the most important factor aside from routine maintenance, is to keep the printer or plotter free from dust. The dust, debris and dirt particles gradually build up within the printer, mixing with fine ink spray which is created each time the plotter makes a carriage pass.  This then gradually covers sensors and other internal parts, causing additional friction which both reduces the lifespan of parts and creates spurious print issues.
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One of the best ways to ensure a printer is kept free of dust is to use dust covers. These covers are a cheap way to protect one of your biggest investments and ensure they remain in good working condition – especially if you don’t plan to use them for a while or if you’re working in an area prone to dust (such as on a building site). It is also a good idea to cover up rolls of paper which aren’t in use to stop dust being pulled through the machine as well.

Printer covers come in a variety of colours and materials but often they are made from rip-resistant material which also provide an element of water proofing as well as dust prevention.  Most covers are designed to be removed while the printer is in use, due to the damage caused by insufficient air flow around the machine which could overheat internal components.  An alternative  often practiced by the military in high dust zones is to provide a clean room by way of a specially sealed tent.  Covers can be partial covers or full length (with the latter providing the greatest dust protection) – and sometimes will be designed with an extra pocket to store useful information such as printer maintenance and repair history, consumable ordering details or user guide manual.

By protecting your printer or plotter from any dust and dirt, you will not only allow it to continue producing good quality print jobs, but also reduce the need for repairs or replacements – making it last longer.

By Sarah McDowell; a Search Consultant at providing Digital Marketing Services throughout the UK.

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