Kata Digital Bag DB-453


Kata Digital Bag DB-453

Who wants to carry two different bags for the DSLR and for the notebook?  You don’t have to. Get your self the DB-453 camera bag from Kata. The bag might be small but it can serve a dual purpose and give excellent utility.

This digital camera bag comes padded for protection with the structural ribs inserted into the padding making sure that no chances are taken. The side pockets made of neoprene and useful for small storage items.

The Good:

Ideally sized to carry your digital camera and your portable notebook (the 11 inch one), with a super sturdy top flap for protection.

The Could Be Better:

At $50 the available storage to cost ratio is unacceptable. It is expensive.

I have been using my computer bag to take my digital camera, the needed flash, lens and my handy notebook, but  always had the feel that my precious equipment is getting insufficient protection. I have considered a backpack or a messenger bag but my problem of protection did not ease out. Then I found this Kata Digital Bag, which is custom made for carrying the camera with accessories and found that my smaller notebook fits perfectly well with the protection I needed. It’s my multipurpose baby now.

This bag places the camera onto a detachable sleeve and does not leave it lying between strips of Velcro. The sleeve has the option of being pulled together to make more space for bigger pieces of equipment but the notebook fits in snugly behind the sleeve as well, which is the better method. For those familiar with the messenger style bags this is the camera carrier version of it. The primary function is inverted to carry the camera with the secondary function of carrying the notebook, though the design looks intentional to do both.

The top security flap is secured further down using two buckles, and the main hold closed in using a zipper. This is security compounded and should allay even the slightest of doubts to how secure the bag really is.

The bag gives a limited amount of extra storage space too. Kata has put in a front compartment sealable with a zipper with some extra pockets and slots for pens. Further there are pockets in the sides, also made out of neoprene sufficiently stretchable to hold a water bottle. That’s getting big in utility for a small bag.

One might Vince at the $50 tag, but I’d rather wink at that as it gives me the right feel and security for my precious equipment. An expensive bag is way better than having to replace accessories, or the risk of damaging the camera, or having the notebook banged around. When a product is well designed there is comfort level and professional assurance that comes with that product. The DB 453 has that feel. I’d rather put up with the expense of this bag rather than the pain of abused equipment.


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