The Camera Aimed at YouTube Users Will Get You Instantly Online


Exilim EX-S880

These gadgets, set at around $280, are one of the better point and shoot machines on the market. Society today places users squarely at the centre of the social networking hub, and sharing almost every second of their lives becomes important. Having a camera that can work to enhance this aspect of daily living can be incredibly important, especially with the Exilim EX-S880 from Casio, where the main function is to easily update a YouTube account with short video clips.

The advantage to using this rather than a camcorder is that the model is smaller, and comes at a lower price range. This means that hardly anyone is priced out of such a rare example of innovating design. The slim design of the model comes in at under 4x3x1, allowing for the ultra compact device to fit snugly in an easy to reach pocket for those moments that simply can not be missed. Even with the battery and memory card, which can be a multi media card or an SD card, installed, the whole thing weighs around 5 ounces, so the quality is impressive for the small size.

Despite the small size, the EX S880 displays a reasonably large LCD screen that can be altered for ease of use. The satisfaction gained from the viewing of your chosen subject is pleasurable, and the ability to alter the lighting conditions, image size and flash among other details. The image size can be up to 8 megapixels, and this allows for greater quality to be shown with the clips and pictures that are taken. Of course, face detection and anti shake come as standard, and although this is typical of many models like this, the EX S880 can definitely hold its own.

Due to the features on the menu system being easy to pilot, the scene modes, or Best Shot modes are both innovative and quick to access. 39 options are listed at the press of a button, and they can be easily understood by the informative icon and descriptions that should be scrolled through. Of course this can be rather time consuming, but once you have been using the machine for a while, navigating through the modes should become simple and effective. The modes are set up to include the standard features such as portrait and landscape, and even moving to the more obscure business cards and whiteboards. However, the defining feature is the optimization of the images and clips for uploading purposes such as those sent to Youtube or eBay.

This is invaluable to the consumer, although the drawback is that there is only a Windows option, instead of a Mac version. Indeed, another flaw is that the image quality can be diminished if you do not view the shots on the machine. Despite these minor problems, the device is relatively quick, and indeed easy to use. The simple fact that you can quickly take shots and instantly post them online is how it can appeal to the mass market.

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