Networking Can be Versatile With an Ethernet Storage Disk


Ethernet Big Disk by LaCie

If you are tired of clogging up your machine with extra files, or having to constantly move or delete unused files across several platforms, you may find it necessary to upgrade to a host server. This leaves your computer free for use, and your files can be stored and transferred to any platform you are using at the time. Of course, you might wish to think about using an external hard drive, but with the Ethernet Big Disk by LaCie, you can have a host server that utilizes both networking capabilities and extra space. At approximately $300, you can hold up to 1 terabyte of files for your perusal.

The Big Disk is an impressive aluminum box that does not look out of place in any technologically advanced home, or can sit snugly behind an item on your shelf inconspicuously sending and receiving signals. Of course, the device has to be plugged into the router and powered up, but the simple fact that this can be configured to any network, be it a Windows laptop or desktop or even a Mac device, makes for an invaluable kit for anyone who simply needs more space.

This particular model holds two 500GB drives that are cased specifically to avoid drive burn out no matter how it is placed. There is a 16MB cache in each one, and comes with USB 2 ports for extra storage space should you wish it. This is in addition to the Gigabit Ethernet port to enable the device to connect to the server with relative ease. Due to the speed of the set up, the performance of the machine is often excellent, and there are very few problems that can be found with the navigation of either the administrative software or the file transfer system.

Switching files between the different platforms can be done in a matter of seconds, and the innovative plug and play USB port means that additional storage can be utilized in order to share further files from the server. This can be done without the need to alter any settings, which is an immediate plus, especially when desktop computers can be added via a cable without any problems.

The speed of the Big Disk is phenomenal and the performance is high, with the ability to read and write quickly and efficiently without much drive noise emanating from the fan. Of course, the biggest let down of the machine is that neither a printer, nor a remote access connection can be attached to the device, as this would allow for a near perfect machine.

Due to the low price, these features come as standard, although there are options to purchase more storage, ranging up to the 2TB machine at a few dollars shy of $900. All that being said, the versatility of the machine lends itself incredibly well with any technologically advanced household, and the affordable price means that there is very little need to turn down one of these polished and captivating devices.

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