Shareware – Try It Before You Buy It


The concept of shareware is a simple one and user friendly in a specific way; the proprietary software applications allow you with a trial version to use first; this can be referred to as a demo version as well. Upon using this if you feel that the software is of definite and effective use for you then you can proceed to make a payment for your purchase of the same. The trial version will be complete with features and functions in the same way as the one you will purchase. However in some cases there are a few limitations seen. The trial offer can be easily provided with an internet download. Offers can also be made available with newspapers and magazines in the form of a CD.

With the onset of modern times and stiff market competition among companies shareware offers comes as a perfect answer for the consumer. With a wide range of products to choose from they may be easily confused and be often misled away from the right choice of applications for their systems. At these times such offers of free trials gives them a fair chance of assessment of the appropriate product prior to putting their money into it. This is a unique opportunity for smaller companies with good products trying to make a foray in the market with some impact on the buyers. At the same time established companies too can use this method to enhance their existing PR with their clientele.

Companies may choose different versions of shareware that they make available for downloads and usage. Some opt for complete versions of the ones that are on sale as well; this gives a prospective buyer and a user of the trial version complete access to features and functionalities of the software. In some cases companies provide limited versions because as per the rule the complete licensed versions will be yours only after a formal purchase of the same from the company. In both cases beyond the trial period even by the hour and the minute you will not be able to access any feature of the software. There will be email notifications too which will be sent to you along with links to help you make an online and immediate purchase if you need the same.

If you consider the Shareware in comparison with several other types of software package offers there are a few basic differences. In case of retail software which is commercial software that prohibits any sharing or copying; then there is public domain software which is not protected or covered by copyrights or opensource software in which there is a free availability of the source code for anyone willing to use it and even share it. Another type of software availability is freeware which is available for free but protected by copyrights by its author.

In comparison with all of these, shareware is a means of giving the buyers a good and specific reason to buy a software package of applications; also it shows a company’s commitment towards its buyers and their endeavor to provide only useful products to them.

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