5 Must Have Windows 7 Phone Apps


5 must have Windows 7 Phone apps

Windows Phone 7 is now attacking in full force, and it looks like it just might be able to win itself a big chunk of the market if it continues at the same rate. Since it was officially released for the public a month and a half ago, Microsoft has advertised it like crazy, and it paid off since thousands of developers have started porting applications over and creating unique ones, and over a million Windows Phone 7 makes were sold in the first 2 weeks.

The new apps marketplace is a whole different beast compared to the old Windows Mobile one, which was more of a joke than anything else. You can already find over five thousand apps there, most of them from popular developers and companies, which is very important both for the users and for the growth of the platform. Microsoft seems pretty keen on making Windows Phone 7 a success, and it looks like they can actually do it, despite being so late.

If you’re planning to get a new smartphone, you should definitely pay attention to the new WP7 based devices – they’re pretty impressive, and coupled with the unique interface, are very easy to use and useful for anyone. If you do buy one, here is a list of apps you simply must install to get the most out of your purchase:


The client for the most popular video site is surely a must have for every smartphone. Being that not even a day can go by without us trying to find out something new or view a show, music video or other thing, you simply must get this app on your new phone, if it isn’t already there.

Adobe Reader.

All of us encounter PDF files every single day, and it’s pretty bad when you can’t open it immediately. With the Adobe Reader app for Windows Phone 7, you can open and view any DPF files on the Internet with a single tap. The resizing works perfectly well and the app itself is very fast, unlike its iPhone version.


Twitter is the most popular (and well, pretty much the only) micro blogging platform online, and if you have an account there or like to follow other people’s updates, then an app for your smartphone is a must. Seeing as Twitter was designed for constant updates every hour or so, it’s much better and more efficient to just get your phone and read the latest tweets than power up your laptop, start the browser and go to Twitter’s web site.


Facebook is the most popular social network online, and it actually gets more monthly views than Google in the US. It’s a wonder if you’re still not one of the over 400 million registered users, but if you are (which is more likely), you’ll surely want an app for your smartphone, which would help you keep in touch with your friends and relatives and make new contacts wherever you are and whenever you want. The app looks very clean, is fast and has all the features you might need.


As you may know, IMDB is the biggest online database of movies and TV shows, and if you’re at least remotely interested in any current movies, shows, celebrity news and other things from the entertainment industry, you’ll surely like their new official app for Windows Phone 7.

Of course, there are quite a lot of other apps that you could consider must have, so if that’s the case, you just need to visit the marketplace on your phone or install and launch the Zune app for your desktop PC (Windows only) and browse them there. The number of apps is increasing every single day and it’s already counting over 5,000 apps, so you’ll surely find what you need.

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