What To Look For In A SMTP Hosting Company


What is a SMTP Hosting Company?

First we must definite what SMTP is. Your SMTP, standing for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, hosting company handles electronic mail communications. The hosting company operates and maintains an SMTP server that plays a crucial role in the success of email transmissions. The server send email communications between you and your recipients’ mail servers.

Check Its SMTP server

SMTP servers range in size, storage available, functionality and speed. This makes it possible for the industry to be versatile enough to handle all business sizes. There is something for everyone, in other words. Do your research before deciding upon which one meets your company’s needs.

Does the SMTP server have the capacity to handle a bulk mailing? How fast is their SMTP relay server? This plays a crucial role in determining how soon your recipients receive your email communications. If you have time-sensitive information, having your email delivered two days later will not do you much good.

Research The SMTP Service Providers

As with any competent business, the level of service provided plays a crucial role in determining whether you want to form a viable business relationship with the company. You need to test the level of customer service each company offers before making a final decision. Have a number of SMTP providers available to choose from. Contact each company and ask pertinent questions. Were you comfortable with level of knowledge and assistance you received?

Do your research to make a well-informed business decision. Get referrals from your friends, social media circles and business contacts. Contact each referral and ask a pertinent question. Or, ask to receive more information about their services.

In order to properly research their SMTP service offerings, you must know your business needs. There are a number of areas you must take into consideration. These include:

* What are you hoping to accomplish with your email program?

* Do you consider your SMTP relay server speed important?

* How secure is the SMTP server? What type of encryption program do they use?

* Do you need a hosting company that provides technical support real-time? Or, do you have an in-house personnel who is specially trained in the intricacies of SMTP protocol?

Look Into Fee Structure and Billing Options

As with any business decision, finances comes into play:

* What is your budget for a SMTP provider?

* Does the company you are considering offer a variety of billing options? What methods of payment do they accept?

*What are their requirements for payment submissions? Do they require electronic payments? Or, do they offer paper check availability?

Look Into Its Reputation

Before choosing an SMTP hosting company, you also need to do research into its reputation. How does it stand among its industry peers? What kind of feedback is being posted throughout the Internet? How satisfied are past, and current, customers with the service provided? Checking with the Better Business Bureau, BBB, to find out if any complaints have been filed is crucial for final decision-making. Realize that there may be some smatterings of negativity, but overall you must find a positive feedback rating for the SMTP provider. How did they deal with any negative feedback? Did it result in a positive resolution that satisfied both parties?

Choosing the best SMTP hosting company for your business, or personal needs, can provide peace of mind for both you and your recipients.

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