Why Two Screens Are Better Than One


In the modern working office, millions of employees spend large periods of the day looking at a computer screen, trying to perform a number of functions at any given time. The machine has become a must-have, of course, but its regular use does have the occasional disadvantage, the main one being the possible effect on the user’s health.

It’s a sad fact that eye problems associated with computer use have become a regular occurrence in offices all over the world, and government health officials have become increasingly worried about the long-term implications. It’s a real problem, because computer usage is only likely to increase in the coming years.

Be safe, be seeing

In the UK, display screen equipment regulations are rigidly implemented, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that individual employees will adhere to them, let alone the employers themselves. The height, positioning and quality of computer screens should be a major issue, but it’s one which many people and companies will choose to ignore.

One of the most important factors in maintaining optical health is the amount of time the individual is seated at a desk looking at a screen without taking a break. Recommended periods of time away from the computer should always be adhered to, purely because the negative effect on the eyesight of the employee could end up being permanent.

Even a few minutes away from the desk to make a cup of tea can be an excellent way to give the eyes a rest, as can a visit to the toilet. Ironically, we’re constantly being warned about the health issues associated with smoking, but employees who take regular breaks for a cigarette are actually helping their eyesight at least, but not their lungs, of course!

Double up and reduce the strain

In recent years, many companies have introduced a two-screen system for each employee, and the early signs are that it may mean less strain on the eyes. It can also make work easier and more efficient. For example, copying text and data from one document to another can now be done without having to constantly open and close windows.

With more and more positive feedback from employees who have two screens at their disposal, the chances are that the system is here to stay. Despite the negative issues regarding computer usage, there’s no denying they are here to stay, and any new system which makes them safer for users has to be taken seriously.

David Rice works in England for a company that locates the best office space to rent in the UK. He feels the use of computers in offices and conference rooms is vital, but is concerned about the effects on health.

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