Yahoo Buying a Startup company Dapper


The tech giant Yahoo is in a severe turmoil these days; last week 3 of its top executives left the company creating more imminent problems for its CEO who is trying frantically to take the company out of slump and back on track.

So in its effort to be back in business, company is inkling up deals with various smaller companies and startups primarily to enhance its services and give a new look to the company’s business model. On Tuesday, Yahoo made another deal to smarten up its online ads services by planning to buy a startup company called as Dapper.

Dapper basically helps the advertisers to create and design internet advertisements and campaigns that connect users to those campaigns whose products and services are meaningful and interesting or which are according to the interest of the people.

Like various internet companies out there on the web, Yahoo Inc. has been attempting to aim and pick ads by keeping trace of the tabs that individuals tend to click on the most.

Yahoo surely needs a boost and have to get hold of every competitive edge it can grab. The company’s financial performance has troubled and disappointed investors for quite some time now. The challenges are getting big as more of the advertisers are shifting their interests and budgets to busy inline outlets which include the likes of Google and social networking Hub Facebook.

Investors are keener to advertise their products and services on the websites, which have a larger user’s traffic. Yahoo although has a large number of unique visitors density but still company is facing some real hard times.

Till now, no financial terms have been disclosed by Yahoo regarding the deal. But this acquisition of Dapper by Yahoo is very much expected to close by the end of year 2010.

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