The Right Camera For The Right Situation


The art of photography has changed dramatically over the last ten years. From the introduction of digital cameras to the prevalence of smart phones, we are taking more pictures than ever before. But for those special occasions, those once in a lifetime events, it seems a limited pixel smart phone camera simply will not do.

The Right Camera For The Right Situation

Advances in technology mean that whether you are an amateur Burgess Hill snapper or a professional Sopley Mill photographer, anyone can have top quality images at their fingertips in any and every situation.

Holiday of a Lifetime

We invest so much time, care and money into our holiday preparations that we deserve to have the memories captured in a perfectly preserved way. But with luggage allowance costs ever restricting, the choice between big, heavy cameras and small, light cameras is all-important. Statistics show that 63% of us now own smart phones and whilst some may be satisfied by the hand-held device’s capabilities real control of light, focus and zoom may only be achieved with a standalone camera.

A neat and compact digital camera with quick reactions will be ideal for most holiday goers and nowadays, many of these come with the automatic ability to adjust to location and setting to capture the perfect photo. Space-saving is key here too, but if you are after something a little more expansive in scope a DSLR with telephoto lens could be just the ticket.

Family Occasions

Whether it is a wedding, a christening or an anniversary you only get one chance to capture the occasion on film. Therefore it is vital that the right photographic choices are made. It has been said that snapping family occasions is all about capturing the expressions and emotions that will be on show. These can be both varied and fleeting so a camera that can cope with such fluctuating moods is essential. You might be a wedding photographer for sopley mill or a portrait photographer in Whitley Bay; getting it right for the client is the most important thing and experts suggest that an SLR camera with a range of lenses is ideal to deliver speed and quality in equal measures.

A Walk on the Wild Side

For many photographers, both amateur and professional, the challenge of capturing wild life on camera is one that cannot be turned down. The popularity of such photography is on the up, meaning that the correct equipment is crucial to success in the field.

It seems that what is necessary here is something of a combination between what is required for a holiday and a family occasion. You need something that possesses a high enough technical specification to cope with sudden movement, changes in light and varied conditions but also something that will be easily portable when swift movement is required and luggage capability is restricted.

Making the Right Choice

Choosing the right camera is a big decision. But as long as you are clear about how, why and when the camera will be used you can be guaranteed that there will be a product to meet your needs.

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