AM02 Tower Fan from Dyson


am02 tower fan from dysonThe salient features of this fan are: It is quite tall measuring 39 inches in length. It can be operated with a remote control device. It does not make any sound while running and is available for $450.


It is very difficult to bear the heat wave of summer. Your home is full of dust and at times you may feel like sitting inside a hot furnace during these months. As the mercury soars the only way left with us is to pour lot of water on us to protect ourselves from the heat. This stylish looking fan from Dyson has rescued us from the scorching heat and provides comfort for the entire family. This AM02 is just like your friend delivering fresh air.

This fan is primarily a tower fan which uses the multiplier (air) technology devised by Dyson. A tiny motor is placed in the bottom portion is capable of boosting the air upwards which in turn runs through the foils and blows the air out through the entire surface of the device. Since the fan does not have any blades like other ordinary fans, the flow of air is steady and non stop.

There are number of fans in our home. One fan is at my office but whenever I switch it on, it produces a loud noise when compared to this AM02 model when kept at maximum speed. Normally when operated at such speed other model fans would make a huge noise.

The fan has been designed slick and attractive. By its appearance it looks like a piece related to wing fighter. But it occupies a small place at your home and is really cool. The remote control is simple and has 3 buttons for speed, oscillation and power and you can control all the operation of the fan from your remote.

It is safe for your children since they could not insert any pencil into its blade since it has none. You need not bother about your child’s safety since the fan does not have any moving parts.

Again talking about its price, it is really expensive unit. It costs you normally about 30 dollars to buy a cheap model fan. You can conveniently buy a fan of 10 inches size for a price of $240, so you can derive all the comforts without spending too much.

Normally Dyson produces good varieties of products in the market. They have manufactured Ball vacuum and other vacuum which is useful. It is uncertain to negotiate between the value the fan produces and its expensive price. If you can afford for more comfort without worries and if you have an infant then this AM02 may be right choice.

You can buy a fan for $29 for having good air. But if you are really having some strong reason for buying this expensive fan, then go ahead.

Pros: This fan is designed attractively and is capable for producing good air and of course it is quite safe device for your kids.

Cons: It is highly expensive to pay for a fan 450 dollars.


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